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  1. Thank you I know this, but many people dont interesst it. every day the same "**** report for Blocking" they should do open there Eyes for the Signs...
  2. Hi, The question is Simple. At the Resting Area between Bergen and Oslo many players want to report me for Blocking. Cause they think that this is a Entry/Exit. But at this Place its just ONE Entry/Exit. Do i it wrong? I mean, if someone ask Nice i try to let them Out. but the most are Honking and tell that they Report me.
  3. Thank you Then I pass from now on no more tour to go into this corner.
  4. Yes, but "World of Trucks" awards only double trailer tours within Scandinavia. Gedser would have to belong to Scandinavia.
  5. Hi, can someone Explain this? This is a tour of "World of Trucks" And shortly before i reached Gedser I get kicked off the server.
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