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    ETS2 and Police! I also love to be active on the forums, and help users with their problems!
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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. A few months ago i moved the the UAE and am now living in Abu Dhabi. I have been playing a bit of TMP lately but seem to get kicked a lot for high ping. Is there anyone out there who is maybe having this same issue and would possibly have a solution to stop the high ping, or just anyone at all who would have an idea of how to make my ping lower to allow me to stay in the game. Thanks CameronA
  3. Just nice little update :)


  4. My idea is to possibly add some more themes to the choices of themes at the bottom of the website. This will allow for more user customization and will also make the forums look nicer, from your own point of view.
  5. Honestly? When i've played i have rarely used the CB channels as that normally results in a bunch of little kids screaming down the microphone, or a bunch of people speaking at the same time in loads of different languages, and it sounding like someone being killed. An idea could be if you are with a group of players and they know how to change CB channel, change to a CB channel and use that to communicate. Although there will be people who will go round trolling in all of the channels changing them, so beware of that. An alternative, or an off game idea, is using something like https://discordapp.com/ or https://www.teamspeak.com/en/ allows you to communicate a lot more effieciently, doesn't have people coming and bugging you and allows you to chose what happens. So if it were my option, i'd buy a TS sever, or make a Discord server and use the voice services there. Sorry TMP!
  6. Hello from the UAE! I am now living in Abu Dhabi for a bit now, so if you need me i am currently 3 hours ahead, but in Winter 4 hours ahead of the UK!

  7. Damn it has been a long time! I've not been around TMP for a while as I've been part of FiveM Clans, and now decided to start a group that helps people with starting a FiveM RPC, Roleplay Community!


    At this current moment in time we only do websites, but are hoping to soon do more as we get more staff and members!


    Want more info see here at http://fivem-sites.tk 

  8. What is IGA?

    1. CameronA


      Ah it is a shame, you'd have been good to have kept it going!

  9. Well done on Game Manager @marco6158we wish you well into the future!!

  10. If anyone is wondering why you've not seen much from me on the forums is because i have been getting back into the swing of things as it is no longer Christmas and a New Year has started, so lets end the first month well! And yes i will be on more now!

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      Welcome you come back !

      Have a nice day and good time on forum mate :)

  11. It seems i go wherever you go... FHL, TTL, TFM, TMP, HGVMP and now the forums...

    Right, also happy birthday!

  12. Hope we have all had an amazing Xmas and hope we are all looking forward to 2018!!!

  13. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope you all get the presents you want! 


    Also if you have seen my username it is messed up, was a error but is being fixed!

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