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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, but I already avoid the cities and the road. If my route planner takes me there I set alternative waypoints. I only came to C-D when I was new to TMP.
  2. My opinion on this is short and simple. I think the opposite, they shouldn't remove it. They should lower it from 150km/h to 100km/h. EU2 is a mess and EU3 is becoming one. I think it maybe will remind players that ETS is a simulator game, not a racing game or GTA V with trucks and Skodas only. If you really feel the need to drive super fast, come play on ATSMP. In Nevada, you're allowed to drive 80mph (128km/h)!
  3. I honestly hate it. It is how I imagine the infrastructure of hell would look like. It's also really sad. Calais Duisburg is a nice road, but it is just ruined by players who don't even try to drive normally. Everyone seems to have a lead foot, and 90% probably uses AWSD (on its own that's fine but why drive 150 when you can't even steer properly). The speeding always annoys me because IRL you barely ever see trucks going faster than 90km/h. I don't know whose idea it was to allow for 150km/h, but I would prefer 100km/h. When I joined TMP I hoped for a trucking simulation with actual people who could sort of drive a digital truck. What I actually joined was a server filled with people who don't seem to take anything seriously in C-D and even beyond. I didn't use to care much for it because EU3 was the serious alternative. Now that EU2 is always full you get these EU2 drivers on EU3 doing the exact same thing. It's one of the reasons why I started preferring driving in ATS. It might feel more abandoned but at least you don't have these kinds of players.
  4. I appreciate them both, but I feel like I enjoy Oregon more because it introduced more forests and green landscapes. New Mexico only gave us more desert, of which there was already enough in California, Nevada, and Arizona.
  5. Even though it sounds like a fun idea, it probably won't really work. It will definitely cause connectivity issues for some people, and even if it is not affecting that many people it would be weird to exclude them. Also because NA and Europe have different peak times it probably wouldn't have a noticeable impact on the server population. I think the best we can hope for is more map DLC's and Trucks that will lure players from ETS2MP to ATSMP. Events might do the trick too. Big Sur definitely caused some Calais-Duisburg type situations in ATSMP. For now, I think it is best to keep two separate servers for both continents. Let's just hope for some more players in the future.
  6. I have that too, I just keep ending up on the same roads over and over again. Even if I do drive on a road that I rarely see, it is usually identical to others. For me, the entirety of southern California, Arizona and New Mexico feel kind of the same. In Europe however, the way the roads look is quite different for some countries. ATS just needs more variety in truck choices and more area's. Besides its called American Truck Sim, not USA Truck Sim, so being able to enter Mexico or Canada would be interesting. I think the MAN Euro 6 might have drawn even more potential ATS players away. In order for more players to join a new event, map DLC or a new truck has to be added. Around the time that I am online, there are usually no more than 280 players. For me, the reason for playing ATS more recently is the long waiting times in ETS2MP now. It feels like both EU2 and (especially) EU3 could use a player capacity bump. In ATS it does feel empty and abandoned but hey at least you can connect instantly!
  7. Sorry, I meant that they're pretty much the same on the interior. Only the engine sound of the Kenworth bothers me, and the Volvo seems a bit too quiet when you're not accelerating. Also another thing about the audio, I think the indicators are too silent in all trucks, you can barely hear them.
  8. For me personally, the reason for being more active on ETS2 than ATS is the variety of trucks. The recent addition of the Volvo was nice and cab wise it's my favorite truck. The Kenworth is nice but in my opinion, the engine is too loud. The Peterbilt is better but I dislike the smaller windows. The other two "modern" Peterbilt and Kenworths are practically the same things. For now, the Volvo has kept me playing but I hope more trucks are coming this year. But simply put in numbers: ATS: 5 Truck Models ETS2: 16 Truck Models (Including the new MAN) There are more options in ETS2 so with that the chances of finding a truck you like are bigger I guess. But that's just my reason...
  9. The video of Blackskills first official convoy is now hidden. Its because the main purpose of the channel is ESC videos. It's of course still available at the original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5YEJsXVvN4

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      yeah thank you :) Nice video :wub:

  10. For me most other free available recorders either resulted in significant performance decreases at 1080 and 720, or the resulting video was terrible (OBS records at what seems 5fps and I can't fix it after tweaking the settings endlessly.) Fraps worked well on my Acer with Intel Pentium (don't know specific number), but it doesn't work at all with my AMD Pc which is better in hardware in all perspectives. I took me ages to find out about AMD ReLive, I just never heard of it. It just works really well for me and is easy to use. I just wanted to recommend people to try it out if they had the same situation I had a few months ago. My PC is: AMD 7860k with 4CPU (3.6GHz -> 4GHz) +8GPU cores (I don't use GPU cores anymore because I got a separate graphics card and plan on buying another CPU). 8GB DDR3 256GB SSD (C) + 1TB HDD (D/E) Radeon 550 GPU I thought it was decent enough to use fraps but it just wouldn't work without loosing performance in game. I don't know why but its just that way. So long story short. I didn't mean to say it would work amazing for everyone but it was the ideal solution for me so that's why I pointed it out.
  11. So I found out about AMD ReLive a while ago and have been using it for a while now. I think this is a great free alternative to OBS Studio or comparable free screen recorders. You can tweak the resolution, bitrate and other quality settings really easily. For me the main pros are the fact that it's free and has no noticeable performance impact when recording at 1080p with a lower bitrate. Of course for high end PC's its not really an added value but for medium and low end PC's it's a great solution. When recording with the lowest bitrate at 1080p the quality is more than sufficient for report purposes, which means having a lower end PC is no problem anymore when dealing with trolls. For recording trips at high quality you might notice a small decrease in FPS depending on your PC but I havent noticed anything. I mostly use it for report purposes so I use a low bitrate so save storage space. Streaming and other options are also available. So if you have AMD in your computer and are looking for good free recording software then I definitely recommend AMD ReLive.
  12. So the video about @BL4CK$K1LL's convoy is almost ready...

    It goes in premiere at 23:00 GMT (9 November)

    Watch it here: 


    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice video and convoy :wub:

    2. BL4CK$K1LL


      Great Video and thanks for coming ^-^

  13. Editing the video for @BL4CK$K1LL 's 1st official convoy... My MacBook Air does sound like it's taking off though :o

    Screenshot 2018-11-09 at 21.52.58-min.png

  14. I guess that my favourite from those options has got to be DAF (specifically XF105). I didn't use to like Scanias until the new ones came along. If I had to I couldn't choose between my XF105 and Scania S750. That being said, I am curious about the new MAN I've seen on SCS's twitter.
  15. One of the things that put me off driving in ATS isn’t necessarily the map (size/diversity) but the trucks. There is such a lack of choice and it kind of makes it impossible to find the “perfect” truck for me. The Kenworth is nice but I hate how loud the engine is, Peterbilt 356(?) has a nice sounding engine but the cab is not as good in my taste. And then the 2 modern trucks aren’t that different either. I guess I’ll start playing ats more when new trucks get added. I’ve seen a Volvo being teased in the Oregon DLC trailer so I’m hoping it won’t end like the Renault Range T did.
  16. Hello fellow TMP community member, I, Aopin, also known under my previous name, Nicoduivel, have played online on the multiplayer servers for about one year and a month as of this moment. Since many players still have troubles dealing with the aftermath of trolls and accidents I decided to share my tips and ways to deal with these situations in the hope of helping you easily resolve your issues. How to deal with trolls and other players that violate regulations on purpose? Now let's start of with probably the most common cause of accidents on the multiplayer servers. Trolls and accidents caused on purpose. Unfortunately no countermeasures within the current capabilities of the TMP community can completely eradicate the occurrence of these types of annoyances. It is unrealistic for admins to be available 24/7 to everyone, but luckily for us the TMP admin team is very dedicated to resolving these issues in the game, or afterwards on the report system and forum. Even though how frustrating the things that happened might be, it is important to not get tempted to do the same back to a troll. This might actually cause problems for yourself if they are against the rules. Please realise that chat abuse is one of these things. What can you do yourself? First of all, in order to report a player for something they did, which is against/in violation of the rules, you need evidence. An easy way for you to always have evidence is to record your sessions. Sort of a digital dashcam, if you will. Software for doing so is readily available all over the internet. Here is a good list of useful screen recorders: https://www.techradar.com/news/the-best-free-screen-recorder Also do not forget to take the players information. This can easily be done by typing "/pinfo (In game ID, this is the number behind a player's name tag.)" Now of course video evidence is required for anything that can't be proven with screenshots. Take for example: Ramming, Blocking on purpose for extended time (so players that just got rammed will not be falsely accused), CB radio spamming and wrong way driving. Other things such as chat abuse or comparable instances won't generally require video evidence, but it still is preferred. Obviously some players do not have computers capable of recording video while also playing the game. For those players it will not be as easy to prove the things other players have done wrong. In most cases it will simply be impossible to do so. After all innocent until proven guilty is the best way to go in a moderation system. This might not always be in your favour, but at least it keeps lots of innocent players safe from false accusations. How do I report a player? The first question you should ask yourself though is if the causer of the accident did so on purpose or by accident. If it is clear the player did not mean to do any harm and did not drive recklessly, you could simple decide to not file a report at all. This also will save a moderator some time checking through reports. You are of course always still allowed to report the player if they violated the rules. When you've decided reporting a player is the right thing to do, then this can easily be done in game. You press tab to open the in game menu. In this menu, all you have to do is press the player's name and then click the report button. Select one or more violations that the player committed. When the report is sent, an admin will review the report if there is time to do so. Even when reviewed the admin might not always be able to take action against the player. No action was taken against the player, or I wasn't able to report the player in-game on time. This is where your recorded evidence comes into play. Go to the TruckersMP website: www.truckersmp.com Here you can login to your account and then select "Account" and then "Reports." Simply click "New Report" to file your report. All you have to do is fill in the report (requiring the earlier mentioned "/pinfo") and provide the required evidence. When needing to provide screenshots websites like Imgur can be useful. When needing to provide video evidence, I found the easiest way was to provide the relevant piece of your recording by uploading it to YouTube. This video can be hidden or public, as long as it is accessible from the report page. Then the only thing left to do is wait until an admin reviews the report and decides what would be an appropriate action to take. Please do not report the same thing again if the action taken was not up to what you expected. What can you do to overcome the problems after the incident? [damage and being stuck] Of course, the easiest thing to deal with is getting stuck. Most players know the infamous F7+Enter key combination, because most players are familiar with these in game systems. After all, before being able to join MP, you should have played for about 2 hours in SP. In any case for players that do not know about this; pressing F7 followed by enter and agreeing with the terms on the interface makes your truck get "towed" (or just simply teleported) to the nearest service station. Here you will be able to repair any damages to your truck. Unfortunately, as many players know, it is not possible to repair damage done to cargo. There are however a few ways to undo the damage in some cases. When you make use of the local freight market and quick freights it is possible to revert the game back to an earlier auto-save. This should restore your truck's and trailer's damage percentage back to the amount it was at the time of the autosave. When using the external contract system, it is not possible to use auto-saves. It is however possible to cancel a contract without a fee. Alternatively programs like "CheatEngine" can be used to cheat the amount lost in damages back to your bank account. Watch out though! Programs such as "CheatEngine" can damage game files when used wrong. The program can also be abused to change other game properties, however do mind that you should not change things that would conflict with the TMP rules. Otherwise you could be the one that ends up being taken action against. I hope the information above was useful to you. Happy Trucking, Aopin (Nicoduivel)
  17. I started driving on MP a little over a year ago and started in Rotterdam. I quickly found out that Calais-Duisburg was pure chaos and haven't driven the route ever since. I never take jobs to either city and when GPS directs me through it, I set alternative waypoints avoiding the area. Of course, it's nice to have some traffic around you, but it isn't fun anymore if you can't drive a truck normally. It seems like more distance is done whilst flying instead of driving. I don't think any rules and/or stronger penalties will solve the issue. In MP players want to drive with other players. So we all think: Where are the other players at? The answer is Calais-Duisburg and the area surrounding it. The further you get away from C-D, the lower the traffic seems to be. The only times when this isn't the case is when there is a new map-DLC or an event that encourages players to drive in a certain part of the map. Like the previous ATS event, which lured all the players to CA. Now after the event, I am lucky to see 200 players online at ATS EU. EU2's C-D road is just known for the crazy traffic, and frankly, it attracts lots of players. Perhaps like mentioned before it is because they all want a cameo on YT? This probably won't change until somewhere else on the map will get a similar reputation. I wonder how players would spread over the map if the devs decided to close of C-D for one week... Where would the mass end up going? or would they just not play altogether? I am pretty sure that changing the rules won't affect it. Maybe if SCS revisits Northern France and Belgium, and C-D would become a separated 2/4 lane freeway, it would lower the number of accidents. But even if it would, I am not sure if that will happen at all. For now, I'll just keep avoiding the route when on EU2, and it'll most likely stay that way until the situation changes for the better.
  18. I can't see this being very usefull. I mean you can hear them coming if you haven't got any music on and you can see them in your mirrors from some distance (depending on your graphics settings). I also agree with Suzylu89, if they intend to ram you, there is not that much you can do about it, except for starting to record (if you have the programs for it) and report them.
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