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  1. Why do people need scout cars so badly for their convoys? Can't you just drive your trucks in a line without a scout car?
  2. This is the problem. There should be better in-game advertisement for it.
  3. Let's hope more people will switch from EU2 to EU3. Right now it's still a dead server.
  4. I love it! Altough eu3 was the more peaceful server already.
  5. ^Thanks. This will save me some time video-editing.
  6. Thanks! I was looking in the game folders rather than in the document folders. I will also try searching their profiles. That might be easier. Another quick question about reporting. Can I put more than 1 player in a video and report them all at once?
  7. I want to report people but I didn't get the chance to /pinfo as they drove away too quick. So where can I find the spawn log with their player id? I recorded everything so I know their names.
  8. Is it possible to unlock steam-achivements while playing TruckersMP?
  9. I recommend having seperate profiles for singleplayer and multiplayer.
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