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  1. Three word story making...

    mighty Scania arrived
  2. Three word story making...

    to the German
  3. Reconnect button

    Suggestion Name: Reconnect button Suggestion Description: You get kicked automaticly when you're afk. But in order to join the server again, you have to restart the game. My suggestion is to add a 'reconnect' button in the homescreen which allows you to join the server again, without having to restart the game. Example image: See below Why should it be added?: It's much faster and easier than having to restart the game.
  4. Three word story making...

    But despite that
  5. Three word story making...

    he found in
  6. Who finds a convoi radio handy?

    Go to first person > press tab > look up > you see a little radio with the number 19 on it > press some of the buttons on the radio, one will turn it off/on and another one will change the number > choose a number and tell your friends to use the same number > done, you now have a somewhat private radio connection
  7. Three word story making...

    Changed into a
  8. Three word story making...

    a developer arrived
  9. Server Config Changes

    Why do people need scout cars so badly for their convoys? Can't you just drive your trucks in a line without a scout car?
  10. Three word story making...

    because of the
  11. Server Config Changes

    This is the problem. There should be better in-game advertisement for it.
  12. Server Config Changes

    Let's hope more people will switch from EU2 to EU3. Right now it's still a dead server.
  13. Server Config Changes

    I love it! Altough eu3 was the more peaceful server already.
  14. Scania R vs S, what is the difference?

    ^ Thanks, I think I see the difference. The cabin and grille are different in size. Is this somewhat similar to the difference between the DAF xf and cf? Or Iveco hi-way and hi-road? Or are the Scania's closer relatives to each other?
  15. Does anyone know what the difference is between the new generation Scania R and Scania S? They seem very similar to me.