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  1. V6 Engine for Scout

    It would be a good idea, but abusive users even more annoyances as they would cause problems to trucks, as they do today...
  2. Transportes Latinoamerica

    Suerte en tu empresa amigo! nos vemos en unos convoy por ahi! Atte: [LA-CHL] TioRengi Dueño de "Logística Astral"
  3. Suggestion (Undercover admins)

    The encounter of reason, should be so and especially the car drivers abuse blatantly of the trucks blocking the steps, or pulling the car ensima, so the truck flies. Also when it comes to informing the tab, there is no successful report.
  4. Released

    Good job !, but the reporting system should be more effective since sometimes the reports are not effective. Most of the times, it tells me to report again since there is no administrator.
  5. Ultimate MP Truck Customisation

    It would be great that instead of adding parts, put the drivers not so hard and immortal ..
  6. TruckersMP Giveaways

    Good opportunity to give members of truckers an opportunity to have new games or dts of Ets and ats
  7. Mods people are using in ETS2

    Try to use mods that are compatible with the version