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  1. about to get on truckers mp again hopefully no trolls out today

  2. hi @ribband u might also want to try removing all hired drivers as your game may be freezing due to having so many hired drivers trying to synchronize sometimes with the freeze it can take upto 30 mins before game responds again but im assuming this is due to your drivers trying to synchronize if u have any hired drivers remove then save game and retry if all els fails try verifying your game files also hope this has helped you
  3. i also would use this it seems like it would make the game that lil bit more fun for me
  4. hi how do i give someone reputation would be very much appreciated for any help provided thanks
  5. Id say something went wrong with game installation.. On steam goto your library right click american truck simulator goto properties local files and then u want to verify integrity of game files hope this helps you
  6. hi im wanting to change my profile picture so its not a rude image how may i do this
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