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  1. I always record the gameplay but I don't put it in chat or in my name. I only report someone if it's clear they did it on purpose anyway, a lot of times it's just a mistake and the person will apologise right away, but for the obvious trolls dashcam is great.
  2. I use FaceTrackNoIR because I don't have a proper TrackIR headset. It's something I'm looking at building soon because the FaceTrack is a bit flaky sometimes but I like it much better than using a mouse or keys to look around.
  3. I haven't tried the new Beta but for recording I use the Relive feature built into the drives of Radeon RX 580. I tested it out today and it works beautifully. If you don't have a Radeon card, you can use Plays.tv, I used it for a long time and it was easy to use and worked great for reports.
  4. I can second Plays.tv. One of the reasons I like it is that you can set it to manual, and just trigger it when you leave the depot, or when you are going to a dangerous area. The other cool thing is that you can easily create a clip of the incident and just upload that one part, right from within the software so you don't need any other video editing stuff.
  5. I really like the new server. The busiest I've seen it is just less than 1500 people so I wish it would get a bit busier, but it's been nice to play on when ever I have been there. I've only seen once incident in the chat of someone wanting to report someone else, as compared to EU2 where that's about as common as putting butter on bread.
  6. Well some extra DLC can't hurt can it?
  7. ^ I know you don't want to run a separate program, but I've found that Plays.tv is very good. I've got mine set to manual recording, so I only turn it on when I am going to leave my pickup point, and it just runs in the background until I stop the recording. If something happens and I need to do a report, I can go back to the recording, make a clip out of the relevant portion and upload it as evidence.
  8. I decided I needed a truck other than my big Scania, for normal load so I got this little guy: DAF 460 with the 12 speed retarder gearbox. It was quite different going back to a lower powered truck after using the big Scania for so long, but also quite fun.
  9. I know not everyone who drives a car in the game behaves badly, but generally speaking I've found them to a menace. The other night I was driving with a friend and a random guy in a pilot car started pulling in between our trucks, getting in front of us or dropping back behind us, sort of like an annoying fly hanging around at a BBQ. Maybe a speed limit would help, you could still use them for piloting, but it might stop some of the cruise missile pilots from bothering with them.
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