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  1. [RST] Prushn

    Synch helper

    Anyone heard the status of ETS Sync_helper?
  2. [RST] Prushn

    Bladenode Trucking

    Did the big VTC for awhile and now really enjoying the game in a new VTC called Bladenode Trucking. Made up of a core group of former drivers from the same big VTC
  3. [RST] Prushn

    Viva Trucking | Professional VTC

    Shouldn't be too confusing. Basically the advice is to research the companies before deciding. Pretty simple really.
  4. [RST] Prushn

    Viva Trucking | Professional VTC

    Most important thing for a new driver to do when considering a VTC is to talk to the drivers and get a feel on how they perceive their own company. Then jump on places like here and see what publicly has gone on with the VTC. Definitely do the research!
  5. [RST] Prushn


    [ST-E] T.Rucker, It appears to have been fixed. I just got on and the speed is back to normal, thankfully. Appreciate you letting them know so quickly. Have a good one!
  6. [RST] Prushn


    None of my settings had been changed and the speed limiter is off. I play on the ATS US server, Based on Asatelon's response it's a server side issue that TMP is aware of and working on.
  7. [RST] Prushn


    ok found the answer. Global speed limiter.
  8. [RST] Prushn

    Global speed limiter

    This must be why on the ATS/US server my max speed is 55mph?
  9. [RST] Prushn


    Thanks Blackrider, I checked both of those. the external trailer should be limited to 65 and the game doesn't have the speed limiter checked. Like I said, everything was fine a couple of days ago. I noticed that the other trucks on the server weren't going very fast either.
  10. [RST] Prushn


    For some reason within the past couple of days my truck will not go more than 55mph no matter what the road speed is. I hadn't played in a couple of days and this hadn't been a problem before. Any suggestions or have I missed something as far as server settings?