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  1. So I have deleted the bin folder Steam let's check the game data and the same problem still exists my consideration is now whether it probably. may bring something if I delete my current account and create a new one but that is just a minimal brainwave of me but probably. may this bring something
  2. @Snorlax. So I tried Savage and it did not work again, it still tells me my e-mail or my password is wrong, it's just very mysterious that it does not work because it used to work
  3. Hello I wanted to go back after a long time again in ETS2 multiplayer today but after I started the multiplayer and the login screen came and I have entered my credentials tells me the login window that my e-mail address and / or my password is wrong then changed my password but it did not work even after that and unfortunately I do not know what I can do to make it work i hope somebody can help me
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