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  1. Overflow Parking Due to high demand for extra slots, we've opened new parking in Calais City. Head to https://legacyfreightservices.co.uk/parking.html to reserve your company's space!
  2. Hello! You can head to https://apply.legacyfreightservices.co.uk to send in your application. Good luck!
  3. Coming soon to LFS drivers... Custom Forum Signatures Featuring instantly up-to-date statistics directly from our Drivers Hub. Sign up today to get your hands on this along with many more features at: https://legacyfreightservices.co.uk We'll see you over there
  4. Won't beat the time I sent out announcements for an event that we'd already attended! Oops We look forward to seeing you there on the 27th September.... I mean October..... I mean July!
  5. I'll definitely have it turned on! Been looking into possible ways of doing it for a while now Glad SCS have finally brought it out officially That'll probably be possible either through save editing or normal modding to be fair
  6. Legacy Freight Services has lots planned for 2019 Here are just two of our projects... Drivers Hub We have worked extensively to produce a hub for all LFS Drivers to utilise as a centre for job logging, statistic viewing and keeping on top of upcoming events, among other features. Paintjobs & Mods LFS offers unique paintjobs for trailers and trucks, and we plan to expand our fleet to allow drivers more freedom to drive their favourite and try out new trucks. You wouldn't want to miss out... Join LFS today by sending your application at https://legacyfreightservices.co.uk We hope to hear from you soon Panda, CEO Legacy Freight Services
  7. I'm really happy to hear it! Thanks for your contribution to our PR department so far
  8. Great to hear from both of you! We’re looking forward to it too. Please be sure to sign up to our ets2c page so we have a higher chance of getting the server
  9. Thank you! Lots of planning has gone in, I hope for the same!
  10. LFS CEO Panda

    CYBERRIOR Paintjobs gallery

    Lost for words How long do you usually spend on a single paintjob?