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  1. Definitely a big change in how things work,sometimes it's just best to leave things which do not turn out to be efficient enough.Keep up the good work!
  2. A test would be good,however i don't know if it would be that easy the implement,plus the rules differ in EU countries,so that's another difficuity.
  3. I don't necessarily meant real life driving,by driving i said how they play the game.But now that you mentioned it,i think people who drive in real life,and at least a bit more responsibly dont drive that reckless and dangerous than players who haven't actually researched what driving in real life is like.
  4. As with truck drivers,some are good,some are not,it doesn't matter what they drive in opinion,its how they drive that matters.
  5. That's nice,i actually like driving slow many times because of the beautiful scenery,if you just floor the pedal and go 150 you miss out so many small details.100 for less detailed,or straighter areas is perfectly fine,70 can be used for sightseeing as it doesnt disturb traffic,and in most cases is the speed limit(or at least here in Hungary)
  6. That's nice to know,i did have it in mind before that they can reach 110 or even 120,as it's even displayed in the speedometer,but i never knew they actually did it in other places.
  7. That's right,but if you drive a car,then many people drive faster,on truck i agree with limiting speed,i don't think i've ever saw a truck going over 90 km/h.
  8. In my opinion 150 is the perfect limit. 150 km/h is around the safe speed on highways if you arent the best driver in real life,and its still very fast. There isnt really a necessity to go faster,since the map isn't that big. However on the other side there are guys who can actually control faster speeds,and do not endanger any other players. We could have a system which determines your skill level and thus your speed limit,but that would be far too complicated to make. Afterall,i consider driving safe when you dont endanger others and your lives,even if you do not abide by the speed limit,but that's just my opinion.
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