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    Viva Trucking | Professional VTC

    Love seeing how Viva has Progressed through the years.
  2. [Viva]Night

    Real Operations - 28 July 2019

    Haven't seen too many events held in ATS, but this has to be one of my Favorite Events so far this year. You all did a great job!
  3. [Viva]Night

    Where do your truck sim roots come from?

    The first truck sim game I have ever played had to be the 18 Wheels of Steel series games. After a few years of playing those games I was watching YouTube Videos and found ot about Euro Truck Simulator. I bought that game and Loved it, then it went to ETS2. When ATS came out I purchased it. So between ATS and ETS2 there isn't any other game that equal's the play time hr. I have between the 2 games. Ever since I found out about TMP I loved the game even more.
  4. The Only VTC I actually feel like I'm apart of a family is Viva Trucking.  I have been in several VTC's over the past few years but this one really feels like home. I left for a few months back in mid 2018 but it always felt like something was missing. So I decided to re-join Viva Trucking and won't go anywhere else.  Whether your a trainee, Vet Driver, King of the Road or Staff we are all treated the same, and given the respect we deserve. No other VTC can compare to Viva.  I would recommend this VTC to anyone who is looking for somewhere to call home. There's always someone online to talk to, or just to drive with.

  5. [Viva]Night

    Hot topic #12: Virtual companies

    I love the Idea behind VTC's. Since becoming a member in a VTC a few years ago, I have gotten to meet people from all over the world that in any other game I wouldn't have never met. It amazing to see the friendship you create along the way that can last a lifetime. After a few years in a particular VTC it can start to feel like a huge family.
  6. [Viva]Night

    Error Occurred contacting Update Servers

    Thanks. I was also having the same problem, this seemed to fix my problem. Will have to bookmark this for the future.
  7. [Viva]Night

    Traffic Light Bug

    With this most Recent update with New Mexico. The Traffic Lights are all Red and wont change to Green at all. I set on the side of the road watching them and for around 20 min. real time the lights won't turn green. I delivered a load just a min ago, and all the Traffic Lights are stuck on Red.
  8. [Viva]Night Released

    Does the Client Update automatically or would I have to re-download the Multiplayer app.?