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  1. The first truck sim game I have ever played had to be the 18 Wheels of Steel series games. After a few years of playing those games I was watching YouTube Videos and found ot about Euro Truck Simulator. I bought that game and Loved it, then it went to ETS2. When ATS came out I purchased it. So between ATS and ETS2 there isn't any other game that equal's the play time hr. I have between the 2 games. Ever since I found out about TMP I loved the game even more.
  2. The Only VTC I actually feel like I'm apart of a family is Viva Trucking.  I have been in several VTC's over the past few years but this one really feels like home. I left for a few months back in mid 2018 but it always felt like something was missing. So I decided to re-join Viva Trucking and won't go anywhere else.  Whether your a trainee, Vet Driver, King of the Road or Staff we are all treated the same, and given the respect we deserve. No other VTC can compare to Viva.  I would recommend this VTC to anyone who is looking for somewhere to call home. There's always someone online to talk to, or just to drive with.

  3. I love the Idea behind VTC's. Since becoming a member in a VTC a few years ago, I have gotten to meet people from all over the world that in any other game I wouldn't have never met. It amazing to see the friendship you create along the way that can last a lifetime. After a few years in a particular VTC it can start to feel like a huge family.
  4. Thanks. I was also having the same problem, this seemed to fix my problem. Will have to bookmark this for the future.
  5. With this most Recent update with New Mexico. The Traffic Lights are all Red and wont change to Green at all. I set on the side of the road watching them and for around 20 min. real time the lights won't turn green. I delivered a load just a min ago, and all the Traffic Lights are stuck on Red.
  6. Does the Client Update automatically or would I have to re-download the Multiplayer app.?
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