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  1. Them and DAF's extra LEDs. That's why I didn't choose either of them to choose a less popular/baised answer plus truthfully I like a brand I personally know of.
  2. Yep, small car. The only one in our virtual world :3
  3. My thoughts on the Skoda? A small car with the worst breaks but with an engine of a tuned race car. I basically like and hate the thing.
  4. Like everyone else, if there's no traffic that's on the lanes that'll enter the intersection, I'll ignore reds otherwise I'll stop and wait for when I get a green light for right of way. Traffic lights are used to control traffic but if it's not there then why follow it :3 Just make sure you always check your maps.
  5. First truck game for me was big motha trucker for the ps2. It sparked my interest in the scene and thus I've eventually met up with all the truck sims mainly 18 wheels of steel and ETS 1 to 2 and ATS
  6. Best I would do is report and take another route otherwise reloading a save to avoid giving attention to a child behind a wheel.
  7. Lmao, that is only the fault of the person who really thinks like that. In the first place, they shouldn't even be driving because I'm sure they'll most like cause an accident driving as reckless as they can without any care in the world. Someone overtaking me? Let it happen, better to let em pass than cause an accident :3
  8. I'd say Scania but due to the popular vote, I'll have to choose my second favorite being Volvo because you can see these trucks in America at least.
  9. Do people really do this? I usually don't notice people slowing down unless it's to report someone. I don't speed so I don't usually have a problem if someone is driving a lil slower than usual.
  10. I usually try to drive the safest speed according to the traffic and the location. By safest speed, I mainly mean the fastest I can comfortably drive without risking my truck to either tip over or rear end anyone in front of me. I usually like to drive the same pace as anyone I find in front of me as I do in real life so if they're not speeding and doing the most reckless turns, I'll be driving behind em as I'm never in a rush. In cities, unless it's a ghost town, I never break the speed limit.
  11. To answer the question of the title, I think bans are perfect the way they are. I personally have not got banned but I probably don't play 24/7 to get caught up in accidents. In most cases tho, people get into trouble by driving recklessly in which whatever happens from that point is your responsibility as a driver to be aware of what you were doing. I don't expect everyone to be perfect as some say accidents do happen and not all of them are terrible but it's no doubt unfair and unhelpful of we make the punishment system any lighter than it already is for the people out there who drive like they don't even know the basic laws of driving. I don't play MP that much and I care to make sure I don't get banned by driving like I would irl o: (Plus I always drive C-D road.)
  12. Like in real life, I only turn on my high beams if there's little to no light and I'm by myself. The fact that you can use them as a light horn means there's no reason to always have them on.
  13. KittyRena

    Steering wheel

    As many others has recommended. I've used my G29 for the longest of time possibly 2 or 3 years. I used to look as to what the best wheel was but your options become minimal when you have a budget and expectation of what your purchase would be. Most I find is thrustmaster branded racing wheels and then otherwise logitech. I tried looking for cheaper wheels but they usually have either no clutch, no stick (incase you planned on buying it in the future), less than 900 degree turns, and the sort. So yea, go for that g29 :3 Hope to see your driving experience spike with the help of an actual wheel that accurately turns your wheels :3
  14. To be honest, I started playing ets1 on a laptop and proceeded to play ets2 when I got a premade crappy pc. I didn't even knew of truckermp for a long time until I eventually learned such mod exists. If I didn't knew of the mod I think I'd still play the sim since I love a good cruise especially since I don't have to pay for gas while doing it :3 I also like to drive in massive traffic in sims which you can't really get out of the mod experience without driving cd road.
  15. I wonder how the car is reworked? Maybe less acceleration? The thing feels like a Tesla car.
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