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  1. 6.100 km traveled with this baby, and I position myself in the world rank 31 👊




  2. End of the day, good night guys 💤



    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. -Fallcon


      Beautiful truck, Good Night Zzz

  3. reviewing statistics, ranked 55 in the world ranking ⭐ today I continue to rise in position



  4. Multi company convoy 🚚






  5. What are you doing on this beautiful day? 🌤️



    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      been raining here most of the day :P 🌧️

  6. Happy birthday Linciano!

    1. Linciano


      Thanks a lot! 😍

  7. How did they start their weekend? 👋





  8. Hola! Cuando le das al tab para ver el listado de personas, solamente vas a ver las personas cercanas a tu ubicación en un rango de 800 metros. Es decir que todo lo que este alejado a ese rango no va a aparecer hasta que te acerques. Espero haberte aclarado esa duda! Que tengas un buen dia!
  9. You should have these files in the mods folder and without activating them enter the Promods servers. If you have all and do not let you enter the first attempt, try again. It happens to me that I did not enter the first attempt
  10. Cuando te reportan y te banean te dicen las razones por las cuales te banean, y fundamentado con un video. En ese video solamente podrias fijarte quien te reporta. De otra forma no podes saber si alguien te reporto o no.
  11. Hello? a big mac please 👈



    1. iBruno


      Que linda foto :D esta buenarda!

    2. El Reja [ARG]

      El Reja [ARG]

      Donde se vota para que este en el menu de carga?? Excelente foto man

    3. [L-LATAM](05) Mystere

      [L-LATAM](05) Mystere

      Gracias por la buena onda de siempre! 😀

  12. You can't in multiplayer maybe in single player with mods
  13. In any agency you can buy those cars. It only works in multiplayer mode, since the car replaces a truck from each agency. If you enter the single player mode with the car, it will become a truck and you must buy another car
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