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  1. shall we also add those people overtaking who think once their cab has passed your truck it is ok for them to merge back into your lane dragging their trailer over into you? how do they not remember they are attached to a trailer? i like to give 100m before i merge back over. a bit overkill some say, but rather be safe than sorry and wrecked.
  2. something i am always curious about, players name tags. ever wonder just what exactly a players name is about? is it as simple as it seems to be or is there more behind it? 8up = this is my local BMX trails i started as a young one (8-10yo, i am 47 now). the first set i made was an 8-pack of dirt jumps that lead around in almost a circle that goes uphill (hence 8 up) and you end up back at the beginning of the trail. i have since had to stop riding due to injuries years ago, but trails survive and are in good hands now. it has grown over the years to be a pretty nice place to ride. Local = well it is my local trails, so kinda explains itself. What's in your name?
  3. well over 24 hours since the races have been over, still closed, so now i am wondering if they have an agenda or is it simply dragging feet? would be nice if they would reply with something to enlighten the community. also as i said before if there is an announcement for this and what they are doing or planning, someone please point it out. i can not find it, so if someone knows, post a link.
  4. well, it has been almost 24hrs since the race, but no problem giving them time to reopen it. it is to be expected to take a little time (as long as an update for them to upload and install), but i think it is as simple as clicking a button. that basicly what they did to shut it down. they gave a server warning of an update and then after the update it was closed no word to the community as far as i can tell. i was on when they did it. reopening it should be as simple as either unlocking it or changing the coding or whatever. as in they knew they were going to do it so they should already have the plan to reopen it and implement it. i would hope they did not just shut it down without the foresight planning ahead i think we would all agree.
  5. yep it sure is, why they shut it down exactly idk, but i have asked about it. ats mp redownload error
  6. they shut it down for the ats race they had over the weekend
  7. race is over, but US ATS server is still down? any idea on eta for the server to be back up? when this happens is there somewhere for notification for this? was planning a get together with some players, but had to cancel. a few had too high of ping for the euro server and kept getting kicked, so we just moved it to this coming weekend, but still it threw a curve ball into the plans we had made. not everyone can play anytime they want you know. i also am wondering why it was shut down for the race as well. i do not know everything, but i have never seen a server get shut down for another event before. why was it shut down for exactly anyway?
  8. wait, i get the whole wanting to play on a more populated server, but sim servers have LESS reckless drivers? i play the arcade and have yet to see these reckless drivers. i keep finding them all on the sim servers and yes i follow the rule for sim when i play on them (except ats since there is no arcade server). everytime i have played on a ets2 sim server i have gotten totaled out by other drivers and their reckless sim driving before even leaving the city i am in. arcade there is no collision so how exactly are these arcade players reckless when they can only wreck themselves? just how are they affecting others causing them to wreck? so i still ask the question from before, just what is it about the arcade servers that so many people look down upon them as if they are a bad thing?
  9. here we go again, the numbers should not matter, if people want to just look at numbers then just where to draw the line? i mean from what i have seen ets2 arcade servers hardly get over 200 when they both were up combined. most of the time ets2 arcade 1 had way more traffic than ets2 arcade 2, but arcade 1 has been removed for a little while now. why remove it when it had more numbers than arcade 2 and it had better ping (for me). now since removing ets2 arcade 1 that player base moved to ets2 arcade 2 which still barely hits 100-150 players from what i have seen and i play on the arcade server unless doing convoys with people. so keep a server open for only about 100 player or less average? now what about the ats servers? there are 2, but they are populated at different times. i live in the US and the mornings are when euro players tend to play and in the evenings is when the US players tend to play. so maybe 300-400 players for each at most? i have never seen either one even close to filling halfway except for events or new dlcs, so should tmp combine ats eu and us servers as well? because they can always just make and open extra servers if they are needed. they do it for events and vtc gatherings. edit: i also see a few people think it is up to TMP to decide if there should be an arcade server, no i think it is up to us for that. get enough people together wanting it and they should listen, not just if THEY decide to. they may own and run TMP, but without us players what good does it do? imo the problem is even if people are wanting an arcade server, most players would still go to the sim servers. why? i would say a mix of people are going to do what they want and then there is this negative "mind set" that people seem to have towards the arcade servers. basicly they are looked down upon. i have asked the question before and still no real answer, what is it about the arcade servers that make people think negative and or look down on them like they are a bad thing? in fact i have a lot of questions for this community, but this is not the thread for them.
  10. @ShadowWolf2k7 not all cities are the same so i figure the "blocks" are adjustable in size. would be nice if there was an official dev map showing exactly how it is laid out, just for curiosity at least if anything.
  11. so as i have said before, if the limit areas are just basicly blocks, then why not adjust the city portions with the limited areas butted up to the edges of the highways? then instead of having a 45mph limit while driving on a highway with a posted limit of 60-70mph, players can still keep the posted highway speed and only down side would be the small sections of city roads that run below or above the highway sections. all they would need to do is readjust the limit areas accordingly. but this is sidetracking from the original post, so let's get back on track shall we? ats arcade server, no rules or limits other than what we put upon ourselves.....hmmmm.....sounds just like what people are wanting already (sim and arcade) only with the arcade there is no collision. would this be correct? or do people on the sim server really want to be restricted like now? heck idk, but people will be people and there will always be "those" drivers who will want to only play sim no matter if there is an arcade server or not (look at ets2 for reference). personally i like to play on sim, but if there was an unrestricted arcade server then yeah, you most likely find me there. not because i am childish or a bad driver or whatever. it would be because of not being restricted (play how i want) and no worries of "those" other drivers (crashers, rammers, trolls). would be a double plus in my book and even though it would be arcade, a person can still treat it like a sim. but i guess when some people play on arcade servers they can not treat it like a sim. i mean really if not for the forced restriction is that not what people on sim are already doing? restricting themselves? so it seems there is a want and need of an arcade ats server wanted by both sides of the fence. maybe not everyone. but most for sure it seems.
  12. well if i worked for tmp then i guess it would be something i would have to think about. however i am not and there should be plenty of smart minds out there to figure out the details imo. 1. idk, where is ets2 arcade server located? i am having to be forced as you say to play on it. why should the rest of the world be any different? 2. i have only 1 ISP as well and yes i have had my share of kicks because of ping. it is something we still have to deal with i guess. 3. nope i would tell people play MP if they wanted. now if their PC or ISP will not allow it to happen then it is on the player to fix. 4.i have no clue exactly where what servers are, but have assumed there were a few euro servers for it all with maybe a US server for an ATS server. i have had people tell me there is no US servers at all, idk. let's face it there will always be "childish" drivers no matter anyway. so how would you make those drivers not use a sim server? people will do what they want if given the chance, which is something we all know. as for merging servers, that was a bit of sarcasm really. you really think they would do that? highly doubtful, but one never knows.
  13. i prefered arcade 1 because of better ping, but arcade 2 now since 1 has been removed. i like to speed a bit and no limits on arcade, however i still respect and give common courtesy to others and follow basicly the same rules as the sim servers and ignore how the regular arcade drivers act. i also do not drive wreckless, i do not want to wreck my truck and cargo. so i speed yes, but still within reason imo. i also like the idea of not having to worry about "those" drivers since i am making the "mistake" of trying to build my npc company and money on MP. so yeah playing sim1 or 2 could be costly for me. i already have had to build back up twice after having someone run head on with me both times i have played the sim servers. i just want to drive and deliver my loads and arcade servers fit the bill better than the sim servers. funny some people have mentioned that i can not hande sim, when it is really "those" other drivers on sim i can not handle. by those i do not just mean trolls and rammers. plenty of high headed sim drivers out to make me more worried than trolls or rammers. i watch the admin report streams and let's face it, there are some real doozy of drivers out there on the sim servers. enough it makes me ask why would someone want to play the sim servers when there is so much to gain from playing arcade. only down side to arcade i can think of is no collision. to each their own and happy trucking. i do not want to side track, but i have a question: so just what is the the thing "wrong" with arcade servers that people look down upon them and why sim servers are so highly held? i ask this with the mind set of seeing people seemingly always down talking arcade servers like it is an embarrassment to even be thought of playing on them. i mean the only up side to sim servers i can see is you can run into each other....and that is a good thing?
  14. prefer shades of brown mostly, not many people use brown shades much imo. mostly what i've seen out there are simple straight single colors or they are flashy rainbow Christmas trees. i like to see other peoples ideas and creativeness with paints, etc. however i tend to like that plain simple clean look myself, which for some is too boring. to each their own is all that can be said. like most i have a lot of trucks in my garages, but i have driven only these two since i bought them since i started. No name yet, color Sandstone Pearl imo. The Turd, my first truck and still the same since, except the front center caps are now Kenworth from the wheel pack dlc. two tone Brown and an original color combo for the real truck.
  15. no need for money really unless you get damage when bobtailing (no trailer), but if you have a trailer you can do /fix and the truck is fixed for free. however the trailer and cargo will still keep damage.
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