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  1. What engine do you use?

    Scania R with his 730hp Volvo 750hp
  2. MicroPayMents SCS

    without micropayments there is no way for creating new content for ets, they need to pay their employes
  3. New Scania S Series?

    multiplayer will look like Scania meet up, but we have to try it anyway
  4. ...and you thought dual trailers were cool..:)

    add it to game, you will see the end of the server
  5. Your opinions on In-game Reports?

    If we are talking about web reports, I just love it .. All my reports were solved as fast as possible ( A lot of my reports were solved under 5mins ) with positive reaction. Ingame report .. I'm not using that, my experience with this system is .. it is doing nothing, reported a lot of drivers and all messages was ''No action taken against player'' I hope the answer is like that.
  6. Funny Videos Thread

  7. Turkish server?

    Not only turkish people are bad drivers. You can find a driver from every other country who sometimes drives as ****. Turkish people are mainly using tags where they write ''turkey'' and less people from other countries are doing that. That's why you remember them more.

    There are any special binds for mouse + keyboard setups ? I'm only using mouse3,4 as blinkers and mouse wheel as horn. Sensitivity depends on you. Maybe ctrl for downshift and shift for upshift but that is by default I think.
  9. What's your favorite country - in game, and why?

    France, Netherlands, mountain roads in Scandinavia .. just waiting for Italy dlc that will be epic
  10. I think this dlc will be supported on servers but without AI vehicles. Heavy cargo pack wasn't bad too, you can't drive fast with that = less collisions with other players I hope. We will see but I hope DLC will be supported.
  11. What song are you currently listening to?

  12. Best ETS2 Mod Sites

    I'm using only https://ets2.lt/en/ for truck mods and https://www.promods.net/ for map mods.