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  1. thanks for informing. we hope it will come soon
  2. I am playing all my favorite games. eat a lot of awesome foods & 1am to 9am sleep. my holidays are going like this. XDDDDD
  3. As the previous link is expired. Here is the new link - https://discord.gg/7jcZut6
  4. https://discord.gg/CTndeZ3. Join our server. We play regularly
  5. https://discord.gg/CTndeZ3 This is our discord server link. We play usually... All players are friendly & Indian. Come to our server & enjoy.
  6. https://discord.gg/eCG3W79 This our discord server link. This is for all ets2 players who wants to join a friendly vtc family...
  7. what is the issue? if u want to join Indian vtc. U have to install discord.
  8. if u guys wants to play with us.. then join this discord channel.. we will pm u all information about IPH(Indian Pro haulage) VTC. this is Community for truckers server link: https://discord.gg/KP67yQf Thank you
  9. I would like to inform all Indian players that our vtc is combined with another vtc. The whole new vtc name is Indian Pro haulage. our website is under maintenance. please be patience. we have our community discord server: https://discord.gg/KP67yQf we will contact u soon after we get the msg of urs in our community. Thank u.
  10. Are you the Best Driver? Are you looking for a VTC that is friendly? Are you tired of searching a good VTC? Worry Not. Your wait is over. Indian Transportation Services is looking for Managers and Drivers(Ets and Ats) who like challenges and would like to grow as the VTC grows. Come. Join Us. Be a Part of an Epic Journey that Starts from Today. For Drivers who want to Apply, Visit: https://indiantransservices.weebly.com/connect-us.html For Managers, contact me @DIbya You can also Visit and Sign Up through our Facebook page https://facebook.com/its.vtc/ https://discord.gg/KP67yQf this is our DIscord Community
  11. brp join with us in discord. link : https://discord.gg/8WjdHw
  12. Welcome to Indian Trucking community Sirya. Download DISCORD from web or play store & connect with us.here is the link for join: https://discord.gg/8WjdHw
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