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Hello everyone, I am Karol, or BoSsik2 on the internet. At the moment, I am 21 years old and i live in Poland. I joined the team in October 2017 as a Trial Support , in March 2018 i decided to leave the team for 3 months due to private matters , in June i decided to return to the team as a Trial Game Moderator, at the beginning of 2019, I wanted to change something at TMP, I wanted to give something new and decided to start working on opening the translation team (in 2017 there was already a translation team, but it was closed, I decided to open it again, but with a completely different idea, with other tasks that this team will do, etc.) On 21 March 2019, I managed to finish work on this team and it was officially announced and opened and I was promoted from Game Moderator to Translation Manager. I ran this team as a manager for over a year until 21 June 2020, then I decided to leave My hobby, skipping this game, are cars and motorcycles, for which I spend a lot of free time because i love to ride or sit in the garage and change something. i finished my school with a car mechanic profile andi am very happy that choosing this school years ago because thanks to it I could develop my passions and work in various car or truck services, in my list of places where i worked thanks to my school is the Mercedes Trucks service and Scania Trucks service, where I could repair large trucks and then ride and test them on the special test track after repair.I currently work in many places, I have my own businesses, I am a manager in other businesses, or I am also an ordinary employee. Generally speaking, I have a lot of tasks to do every day, because I am not afraid of work, I like to travel (businesses are also in other cities, so I travel a lot in my country and not only, I sleep more in a hotel or car than in my main house xD) If you have any questions about me/my rank, feel free to send a private message to me on the Forum, Discord. Happy trucking!

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