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  1. KILLA [RO]

    Mack Truck!

    Good job with new truck MACK!
  2. i'd like Peterbilt but i play with Volvo because i love engine sound
  3. I will like to play in convoys with my company!
  4. For utah dlc i think it's so beautiful but i like more whashington dlc!
  5. I propose that the map be as complete as it is on the promod on the promood server is available the whole map but on the other I do not think we could populate the servers more if they had all access to the full map!
  6. I propose that those who troll or violate trolls receive a car kick or a ban for 1 hour 2 What do you think about this idea? because I encountered a lot of troll problems in traffic!
  7. I think that there should be a maximum limit of 90 km for trucks and a maximum of 110 for cars, what wealth do you have?
  8. Nice informative topic have a good day / night all!
  9. What if on American Truck there were poker rooms for rockers and etc but also to be able to take a look
  10. I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 for almost 5 years and every day I lose about 5 hours even more by racing
  11. What is your favorite truck in American Truck Simulator and what do you like most about it?
  12. What is your favorite route from American Truck Simulator?
  13. What do you think should change to Euro Truck Simulator 2 but also to American Truck simulator to become a more complex and more fun game and an extremely friendly place for everyone?
  14. What do you think and what you like most about the new update 1.37
  15. Because Euro Truck Simulator is older but from my point of view American Truck is also a very successful game that deserves to be played only for its impressive appearance and landscape.
  16. It causes a lot of accidents due to inattention or because of the large number of players in the area and creates a lag
  17. Because Callais is a ferry and Duisburg is the fastest road to Germany
  18. I like to play multiplayer because I play with friends and it is much more interesting to see other players
  19. I think yes I should be interested!
  20. What is your favorite paint on the truck? but what is your favorite paint on the trailer?
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