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  1. Hello, Suggestion Name: New Escort Van Why should it be added?: I present to you a mod that could make more realistic the conveys exeptionel on TruckersMP: A van of escort the same one that one can have in escort in the DLC Special Transport. In addition it adds something nice for the Scout: The way to make the car go forward (traction, propultion or 4 wheel motrisse + 2 paint that is available on the trucks in the basic game. This mod that already exists is available on the Steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1474756734 Suggestion Description: It does not have a vehicle in its own right this is just a "modification" of Scout hunting. Especially that the mod is based on the Scout (just change the "chassi" of the Scout to have the van with it's different variant (1 bar of beacon, 1bar + 1 ramp at the back, 1bar + a variable message sign) already on TruckersMP. If you wanted to see how is the mod download it! Example images: https://imgur.com/e5zXehf https://imgur.com/Vo48Gsy Thanks fischmax57
  2. fischmax57

    Racontez vos blagues !

    Je vais vous raconter des salades euhh une blague Que fait on a des voleur de salade? On lestues Je vois que tu ne mâche pas tes mots je balance mes vanne comme un lance rocket. xDD
  3. Il choisi une pair de lunettes adapter pour les personnes croyant voir des clochard ( a la place de la vrai personne ) d'un coup @fischmax57 arriva en Ford Crown Victoria POLICE Interceptor avec c'est collègue et le S.W.A.T. A suivre...
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    TruckersMP Real Operations

    Coooool um what is server ?