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  1. punk_and_goth

    Global speed limiter

    i agree with @MrG721
  2. punk_and_goth

    [SCS Blog] American Truck Simulator 1.28 Open Beta

    cant seem to find triples and Rocky Mountain doubles looked all over NV and i cant find them
  3. punk_and_goth

    American Server Down?

    then why have it say the servers are up? when truly they are not ?that would solve a lot of posting issues or even have a sticky post?
  4. punk_and_goth

    American Server Down?

    have been trying for 3 days now to connect to the ATS / ets2 server's but it just sits in the Q, checked server status and appears the USA server's are up 0/1500 but nobody is on and i tried with different connections ( i pay for cable internet ( for work ) and fiber ( for personal Use) cant connect with one or the other ) friends in different states having the same issue!