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  1. Well, there's not much to say when handling them other than to sit in the traffic and bear with it. I suppose it is possible to use the ets2map website to accurately plan a journey but there's no point given that a good percentage of the server population is always in the same place everytime (Calais - Duisburg road). I agree with all of the rules that TruckersMP have put forward for all of these busy areas as they benefit others.
  2. BarryGB

    New to Discord?

    Very well constructed guide! Hopefully this will help members in the future!
  3. Glad to be back from holidays with the family.

    How is everyone?

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    2. [A.G]>001<SHI G*Nameplate

      [A.G]>001<SHI G*Nameplate

      Welcome back  How was your vacation?  My friend:wub:

    3. Fire747


      Hey, welcome back bud. How was your vacations? Hopefully would have gone good, as it was with family :)

    4. BarryGB


      it was great, thanks lads :)

  4. I don't think that's possible mate. The only way I can think of separating them is by having two different colours for each.
  5. Well done lad. Best of luck in your new role.
  6. Just went for a drive on the Calais - Duisburg road and got sent flying twice (might upload to youtube) but eventually made it to my destination lol

    1. Risumies18
    2. IpilkAlaus


      Not on Calais-Duisburg road, but I, too, got sent flying twice today, but I was too angry to continue after that. Geez, I need to chill out (and probably record my drives, too) :D

    3. TrademarkGamer


      Sounds like the C-D road tbf

  7. The tides have turned against Brazil in the World Cup. 

    It's interesting!

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    2. FBTC - Raaphael

      FBTC - Raaphael

      I did not have much confidence in this game.:(
      Now it's twisted for Belgium to win this cup.-_-

    3. BarryGB


      well you never know, England could win :)


      genuinely though, I thought brazil were going to win it at the start.

      I think tite should've started firmino though, then they would've had a better chance.

    4. FBTC - Raaphael

      FBTC - Raaphael

      you're right. I want the next games, what's going to happen.:)
      Belgium has played very well. Maybe England will win and turn the game around.

  8. England V Colombia tomorrow! Who's everyone supporting?

  9. I don't see how it would be useful for anyone else baring admins, more of a cosmetic thing - The current skin is enough imo.
  10. I agree it would be great especially if they're adding AI too.
  11. it's Friday hope everyone has a great weekend! it's going to be a scorcher in the UK.

    1. Ashlyn


      yep , i sure am!

  12. Oooh very fancay - Definitely worth a look. Thanks Mayday for this tool
  13. It all depends on your specs pal. If you've got a poor computer and if you're in an overpopulated area on top of that, it can result in you having desync issues. With the traffic jam too, all the trucks loading in will definitely cause some lag on even the higher end computers so there is no surprise there.
  14. On the video in Google Chrome you put @mail.com rather than @gmail.com. Slight error by you there.
  15. World Cup 2018 - It's coming home lads!



  16. Those paints look nice, I might have a go
  17. Alright, thanks everyone! I've marked an answer @FrostyGamer
  18. Hello everyone. I am writing to ask if it is worth reporting for a tag that offends me and possibly many other people. A player from Argentina set his tag to 'Malvinas' -which means Falklands in Spanish. Also, in chat, he was putting "Islas Malvinas Argentinas" - Stating that the Falkland Islands belong to Argentina (which is not true, at all). As well as every other British citizen, this causes me offence especially as my father fought in the Falklands conflict in 1982 to liberate the island from Argentina. Since this is attempting to cause arguments by referring to political tensions, is it a bannable offence?
  19. Looks amazing. I've visited that part of America in real life and it's very nice
  20. From experience, Southampton to Dover Tunnel can be quite busy. Thanks for the guide anyway, lets me know where to avoid.
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