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  1. Not a that many, Russia is very large I would think they would try to make a DLC more to the west of Russia adding cities like Moscow, Ryazan, Lipetsk but not as far as Kazan
  2. AtGlobal We are a small Virtual Truck Company primarily on Euro Truck Simulator 2, We focus on TruckersMP and Base game. Since 2017, Members have come and gone but we have traveled hundreds of thousands of Kilometers delivering hundreds of trailers annually. Why Choose us? We dedicate all our time to our Virtual Trucking Company, Our management team has been active from the beginning and focusing on improving the company. We use automatic logging and provide dispatch through trucksbook. Here is what we have to offer: + Easily Join & Leave using our bot commands, NO Registeration Forms! + No Unrealistic Monthly Driving Quota + Monthly Convoys + Focus Management, Great Community + Support for English Speaking Players + Turkish Speaking Players + Minecraft Server, other smaller gaming communities within our VTC Community. NO FORMS, SIMPLY JOIN AND LEAVE THROUGH OUR DISCORD BOT Apply https://www.atglobal.xyz/ More Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atglobalcommunity
  3. Not everyone with 200hr+ are good drivers
  4. Should have the escort van instead of the car
  5. Something like Truck Simulator USA on MObile got me hooked to truck simulation, Got ETS2 on laptop 5 years ago, Got a job then and first thing i spent my money on was computer parts to play ets2 on a decent pc

    Which VTC?

    welcome to join me, discord: Mcireland#9415. Relaxed but professional VTC, options for MP and SP with no any restrictions to lorry ( except color if mp) or monthly miles. International community.
  7. I Always move as close to the right line as possible when someone wants to overtake on the left, worst case scenario there's room for 3 trucks
  8. Love the idea of a special server dedicated to being compatible with the Promods Map, But I'm sure it would require the permission of the promods team as well though
  9. Most people whine over nothing unless someone is seriously trolling I won't report. If someone happens to break down and cause me to stop, I won't scream in the mic, roar the horn flash my lights and spam rec blocking in the chat. Its a game for us to enjoy, sometimes our trucks get damaged but it doesnt give us any physical or emotional pain. If someone Intentionally trolls then thats differnt, theyre usually banned before. Someone who has had a clear record for years doesnt suddenly decide to troll
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