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  1. Im well aware and have subscribe to many on twitch, Dont be mistaken, this thread wasnt made to hate on truckersmp and the game admin team but to raise opinions and encourage discussion.

    VTC tips?

    @Stubborn__ Cheers for the reply, people like you and everyone that commented in my thread is what makes this community great. Thanks for the advice and for you time trucker!

    VTC tips?

    I started RC-VTC recently and looking to expand it over the next few month, Any tips that might come in useful? Places to advertise etc. Heres my website: https://www.rcvtc.ie/
  4. We need Ireland in the base game Thanks for the message
  5. DLC locations and base game, am i missing some beautiful hidden gems?
  6. Quite possible that the developer hasnt had the time to update it yet, or maybe working on some last minute imprefections. Could imagine it being updated soon though, useful so it is
  7. AtGlobal We are a small Virtual Truck Company primarily on Euro Truck Simulator 2, We focus on TruckersMP and Base game. Since 2017, Members have come and gone but we have traveled hundreds of thousands of Kilometers delivering hundreds of trailers annually. Why Choose us? We dedicate all our time to our Virtual Trucking Company, Our management team has been active from the beginning and focusing on improving the company. We use automatic logging and provide dispatch through trucksbook. Here is what we have to offer: + Easily Join & Leave using our bot commands, NO Registeration Forms! + No Unrealistic Monthly Driving Quota + Monthly Convoys + Focus Management, Great Community + Support for English Speaking Players + Turkish Speaking Players + Minecraft Server, other smaller gaming communities within our VTC Community. NO FORMS, SIMPLY JOIN AND LEAVE THROUGH OUR DISCORD BOT Apply https://www.atglobal.xyz/ More Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atglobalcommunity
  8. I Always move as close to the right line as possible when someone wants to overtake on the left, worst case scenario there's room for 3 trucks
  9. Loved getting caught up in the traffic at Brussels, Hundreds of trucks backed up the motorway, very exciting. Always tried to get a load into Brussels to experience the traffic and the Calais to dusiburg road.
  10. Usually in congested areas I follow traffic laws, I think it helps with traffic management and prevents accidents. But in other areas if theres nobody on my map and I cant see anyone I go through, never crashed.
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