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  1. Thank you very much for your time, friends.
  2. I want to add it to the window in front of the cam driver's plate. I think it can be done because it is an accessory after all. Is not it possible to make such edits with the registration file?
  3. Hello to everyone. I spend quite a lot of time on Daf, trying to make it more realistic to customize it, and there are things I can not do because I can not do full adaptations. For example, when I pointed out in the picture, it is like wearing an accessory (driver-attendant) plate. Can such a thing be done? One of the things I like most about Daf is the plate on the side of the louvre, my brother who can show me this help, my brother is very happy. So the game will be even more enjoyable to those who love this kind of thing. A long time ago, a brother had removed the front plate of the vehicle, is there anything that can help? Thank you very much in advance. The current state of my vehicle if we can do it.
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