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  1. For my ETS2 I use a G29 wheel/pedals/shifter. With a side panel button box which comes with an ignition key start. I also use my joy stick to look around in the game
  2. I do use force feed back on the G29 but I do have to disable it during the night due to the load vibrations it can make when going on C roads
  3. Im not to sure if winter mod is coming this year but I really do hope so as it gives that Christmas vibe while trucking through Europe
  4. I know it may be a little frustrating because it wasn't your fault but its an admins duty to keep the roads clear so if they spotted a truck just sitting in the road they have no choice. At least it was a teleport instead of a kick/ban.
  5. Well if someone hits you on purpose and apologies just so they can get out of a report. That is down to the player that was rammed. Personally if they apologize in a polite manner then I would let them go but it all depends on the severity of the ram
  6. Its all down to the players preference. If you think it is unintentional then let them go. If someone apologizes for their mistake then it takes guts for someone to do so as a lot of people don't like to admit they where in the wrong.
  7. The way you become a game moderator is: 1. You don't ask 2. You wait for the recruitment section to be open 3. You apply for it and go from there 4. If you still wanna be a game moderator read 1-4 again Just remember a game moderators job isn't just driving around in their police car. They have to deal with so many reports and trolls that they probably get no time to just drive around in their cars. Its not as easy as it looks. I have never been a game moderator on ets2 but I have had a mate who was and believe me there is a lot more to it than getting a flashy police car
  8. So I just came across this and OMG I think this is amazing https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791433940733/announcements/detail/1613905751066099729
  9. I would 100% go for the Scania S but that's my personal opinion
  10. Its all up to the player if you want to play pro mods or not. If you like scenery and unique roads then yes. Just remember that External contracts does not cover Pro mods map as of yet (Not sure if they will be adding in the future). It also helps to have a powerful pc to run graphics in high or ultra for perfect gameplay on pro mods
  11. I like the fact they restricted the game to less as most speed limits are around 50MPH or 80KPH which means that the limiter stops people from racing around and causing trouble.
  12. Well personally I like single trailers but its all down to the players preference.
  13. The reason Iceland is so popular is because of the Icy hilly roads. Its a great place to test your driving skills and just gives an aspect to the game that hasn't really been there. Its also got great scenery
  14. Although going faster is fun it isn't realistic. Most of the speed limits in the game are 60MPH or 95KPR. So the new speed limiter restricts people on the game from being reckless which makes gameplay more enjoyable for most in my opinion.
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