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  1. I Think The Mercedes New Actros is the best Beginner Truck. He is a littel bit expensive but for the price i think 113k or 112k is he the best default engine power is 420Hp and the transmission 6 oder 12 gear is good and you can do a 8x4 Truck for he heavy Trailers
  2. SnowBear.

    Bug with Scout

    Is not only by use the car when you use the truck it is the same, but when you drive normal this speed bug cant happed to you only you hit the gas train rails!! Scs change the physik and now cam this (BUG) but ets2 oder ats is a Trucks Simulator and not a Racing simulator so when you drive 80/90 Km/h 50/55 mph this buy cant happed so i think scs fixed this bug NOT !!
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