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  1. Yeah i miss the europort traffic jams the most, mainly because they felt more realistic as it was in 2 lanes on a dual carriage way rather than a long single road. I think it became unpopular because it was just one relatively short and boring road as it mainly straight. Also the paris traffic jams were good as well when the event was around. Normally when i get rammed the second time i just go in to the menu then click on my most recent auto save so then I dont have to start completely again
  2. I've always wondered why people drive down this chaotic road, it seems to be a magnet for the TMP community and most people who go down it gets annoyed when they get caught in a crash as if they were not expecting it. Leave your thoughts below.
  3. In populated cities I stop at traffic lights to not cause accidents, In mid-populated cities I treat them as stop signs and if the city is basically empty then I run them. I also run pointless traffic lights like the ones around Paris for example.
  4. I slow down if I see someone coming from the opposite direction to avoid accidents.
  5. Mighty Griffin DLC for sure (or if you like daf then get the daf one), it makes your truck look far better and stand out from others.
  6. Yeah when i first joined i gave a good 2 second long horn to every single person i drove past haha
  7. I muted my CB because whenever i use it there is someone always screaming down it in some foreign language. so i use the traditional chat haha
  8. Double trailer are my favourite, i have a few save edited ones so i think they look better. They also take a little bit more skill to drive.
  9. Trailers which have 1 normal length and 2 of the smaller length ones? Trailers such as:
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