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  1. Single Turbo


    I do not know exactly what you mean?
  2. Thanks for following :)

  3. Single Turbo


    Hello, I have a question about the application system. does that count as ban?
  4. Single Turbo

    FPS in high pop area

    Hello, @RussaX This is quite normal if your graphics card and your processor are not the best. What do you have for a GPU? Greetings, Single Turbo
  5. Single Turbo

    skin eurotruck mp ?

    You have to try out which skin works in the MP and which does not. But in the MP generally no external skins work. If I am not wrong Greetings, Single Turbo
  6. Single Turbo

    TruckersMP Login

    Hello everybody, I have a question about the TruckersMP login in the game. I have just changed my e-mail and my password. Now I can not log in the game anymore ... I also checked everything again. I enter everything correctly.
  7. Hey Truckers! 

    I'm sorry that I was inactive for so long ...
    I was on vacation  :)

  8. Single Turbo


    Good Evening I have a question about the graphics settings. Is it possible to play with a 6gb Nvidia GTX 1060 on Ultra graphics with more than 40 FPS?
  9. Single Turbo

    New port Germany 1.32

    I have been to this port before The SCS Team did a great job!
  10. Single Turbo

    Scania S or Scania R?

    Scania S because the truck is higher then Scania R
  11. Then people.
    Good night, sleep well  ;)

    1. Droshe


      Sweet dreams :rolleyes:

  12. Good morning people!

    Hope you all had a quiet and restful sleep :) 


    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      morning :)

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      good morning and have a nice day :) 

    3. Kid Fabi

      Kid Fabi

      Good Morning :)

  13. Good Night buddies! :)

  14. Single Turbo


    Is it possible that automatic storage in the game turns off?