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  1. LagOfMyLife Released

    We can hear that you have a really mature voice, but come on, how many times have people told you that these mods (Winter mod that you are trying to install) are different with workshop mods... Please think properly before making a pointless video. No offense.
  2. LagOfMyLife

    Snow Mod & Rain

    You can change the weather by using this command line in the command box : g_set_weather 0 0 = Clear weather 1 = Rain
  3. LagOfMyLife

    ETS 2 MP | Skoda Car's Bug

    I think they just missed it, because they are very responsible and not ignoring any flaw! Ah, alright. But I am hoping that they will fix this ASAP, because I am trying to get used to driving in UK steering wheel position, and will help me later IRL. Not that it affect me so much, just that I want everything to be at the greatest possible!
  4. LagOfMyLife

    ETS 2 MP | Skoda Car's Bug

    Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: Rain effect bug where the windshield wiper does not interact with the rain (wiping the water drops/rain) How to reproduce: Whenever raining while inside Skoda car, and use the windshield wiper Screenshots / Videos:
  5. LagOfMyLife Released

    May I know where is the location for that Rocky Mountain?
  6. LagOfMyLife Released

    Yeay! Finally! After waiting for days!