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  1. Not all the truck can be upgraded to 8x4 , renaul ,iveco and man can't .
  2. Costel

    False name in Game

    Check your profile on truckersmp.com , account settings , usermane
  3. Would create a new if there aren't any old one. Having original ETS2 documents file is neccesary to play as game does run on profile /game setting/controls which are in documents , you can also delete folder mod but the rest must be there , no other solution !
  4. Just wait , that happened also to me was because of profile bug.. Did waited once for about 5/10 mins then worked
  5. Do you run game as administrator + compatibily to win 8(if you use 10)?
  6. Try it on another profile , or just try deleting all the documents folder and getting all from start .. Just to see if the problem is in defs or in documents created by game or in game itself..
  7. Potrebbe essere il savegame ma e al quanto strano che non lo attiva in automatico
  8. Is there anyway to be able to be a ''cop'' even if not admin in game? I'd like to patrol , maybe helpout people getting crashed and these stuff. Maybe making an applycation sistem for being a cop would be really cool .
  9. Hello today i bought ATS , and decide to try it via MP but i have the problem of checking it online , i did read somewhere that i need at least 2 hours of gameplay? C'mon guys i have 871 hours of ETS2 and you tell me i'm not good in driving so i need to test it at least 2 hours? It's just stupid... I mean , it would be good sistem if you'd be newbie also in ETS2 but after 871 hours everything changes..
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