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  1. Not all the truck can be upgraded to 8x4 , renaul ,iveco and man can't .
  2. Testing my new scania with some trailer! And working truck
  3. Don't apply so much effects , they could look very nice !
  4. I think with a good pc you could do a very nice job !
  5. Costel

    LaxZ's Cinematics

    There're really special! Maybe we could work togheter for some mods introduction
  6. There're some really amazing photos man! Congrats!
  7. Nice photos , congrats!
  8. Costel

    False name in Game

    Check your profile on truckersmp.com , account settings , usermane
  9. Would create a new if there aren't any old one. Having original ETS2 documents file is neccesary to play as game does run on profile /game setting/controls which are in documents , you can also delete folder mod but the rest must be there , no other solution !
  10. Just wait , that happened also to me was because of profile bug.. Did waited once for about 5/10 mins then worked
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