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  1. I've returned to this game after some time off and it's nice to see it moving forward sucessfully. Keep up the good work guys!
  2. First and logical i wish to ask would be to provide your System Specs and what Graphical settings are you running the game on?
  3. Well i guess i will be buying the game for the second steam account then. Thanks for the clarification. The topic can be closed now.
  4. Yeah, i'm aware of the restrictions on the Library Sharing, but since we never play both at same time i don't think that that will be any sort of issue. So, if i understand correctly, if he would use the shared game, he would be able to register his own ETS2 MP account on that steam and i would have no issues if he would to get him self banned? If i get a conformation on this one, i'm gonna go ahead and set up a library share and let him register and do the rest. Once again, thanks!
  5. Alright, just one more sub-question, will it function properly it he were to register from the steam that has Library share from this (original) steam and will the ban on his account stay on his account/steam? Since we do have a second Steam. That's pretty much my last question, if it wouldn't function then i will just buy the game. Thanks for your help, much appreciated!
  6. So, today my brother decided to start playing ETS2 MP, and since we use single Steam account and 1 game i am just curious will he be able to register his own ETS2 MP account using the Steam that i already registered this account to. That's pretty much all, i want to know should i but another copy of the game or not if there is no real need for that. Thanks!
  7. As if there wasn't enough ramming around while speed limiter was in place. This should be interesting.
  8. Well i just tried again with the download and it downloaded with full speed.. I guess you just need to give it some time.. Or just enough people already downloaded it and there is enough seeds..
  9. Well i just started downloading/installing the new patch... I didn't expect this tho.. I guess i will have to wait.. lol
  10. Even with speed limiter on, i got rammed atleast 4-5 times in the period of 15 mins today and had to repair my truck twice cause it was almost totaled. Turn the limiter off and whole hell breaks loose and thing becomes impossible to play.
  11. I thought SCS patched Cheat Engine thing?
  12. Servers seem to be offline, atleast i cannot connect.. Will try again later..
  13. Basically everytime i complete a haul, get to the mission end screen where everything gets calculated, experience and money earnings, after i press "Continue" my game simply crashes.. I tried running in as an admin, same thing happens.. Crash log
  14. Was waiting fore this for so long! Time to get back behind the wheel Awesome job, keep it up :3
  15. Without it the roads would become a mess, you'd pretty much need admins online 24/7.
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