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  1. Dear Team, I would like to create an event for my friend team. But i can't do it the event name and we would like to get private server as well. Can you help me about that ? Thanks and best regards, herogeneration5
  2. Hello, i need to talk with you because of you ban my 3 friend with wrong way reason.  But they don't drive wrong way.  so explain me why ?? if you can't explain let me know your admin account or name ? or account link ???  I can wait to your reply within 3 days.


    I hope good admin can explain me.  Not a staff one .


    Wait if you want to explain me only, I will send to your my mail.


    anyway i don't think so :D


    Not thank yet.



    1. [MMCEO] herogeneration5

      [MMCEO] herogeneration5

      3 of my friend ban because of wrong way reason ??


    2. i z m

      i z m



      Forum is not the proper place for talking about bans. Also, you friends have to send a ban appeal for their situation, not you. Please don't send and public/private message to game moderators or other staff and please don't open topics on forum. Thank you for your understanding. :) 



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