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  1. Yes, as it is an expansion of a big map, my friends do not get tired of playing in ProMods because it is rich in beauty and many other things. By the way I would recommend ProMods.
  2. Hi, I don't see the person who hit me or someone around me, I don't report it and I understand that it hit intentionally.
  3. The community in general is relatively good, the trolls we have in the game are people who don't have and don't even follow the general rules of the game and end up harming other people who want to play fun in-game. It's kind of impossible for you to break up the troll community because there are so many and not just here, but lots of other places, but the people who follow the rules really like the game and how it was designed.
  4. Thanks for this information, I am also used to using the Web Report ... I use the Game Report infrequently.
  5. Hello, if someone hits me on purpose I will report, now I see that the driver hit me and it was not intentionally, I will accept the apology.
  6. Hello, thanks for following. :) 

  7. The idea is good especially that of @Fr0zR.- [CHILE]
  8. Bergen - Palermo, for those who love to take bigger routes here is one.
  9. I have 4 DLC's if anyone wants to donate some to me ...
  10. Scania S, I love every detail of this Truck.
  11. I would use the Scania S, I like every detail of it because it looks nice, not that I do not like the other trucks but I am a fan of Scania.
  12. Scandinavia and the Baltic have always been my favorite places to travel but I am a fan of heavy loads.
  13. Thanks for following! :) 

    1. ZiNEXx


      You're welcome, my friend.

      I am Portuguese, ihih

    2. Scorpion_BR


      Então seja bem vindo, haha. :D 

    3. ZiNEXx


      É nois ,espero te encontrar na estrada !!!

  14. Skoda is a good car, it was developed only for Multiplayer. Some people usually troll on crowded servers and people hate the car on the server because there are so many people doing this kind of troll. And I also await the release of Escort Van for Multiplayer!
  15. Great news for ProMods lovers, this would be amazing as many players would enjoy it. And I really am looking forward to this happening.
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