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  1. The situation that happened with me and sysgen and were finding out that the situation was a misunderstanding at the time. Sysgen isnt crazy with the situation im speaking with sysgen about what happen. To sysgen i do apologize for my misunderstanding about the situation had no intentions of coursing you any trouble by me. The thread got out of hand but i assure at the time before were in good intentions to help and I didn't want to make the situation more then it was.
  2. The fully understand that some user would vote yes, knowing the question is a trick question "Do you think that Moderators and/or Admins under 18 yo should be running the server if they aren't incapable of following the rules their self?". I expected some users to pick yes to troll the polls. I had full intenstions to catch them out. The question as always going to be No if the person with the right mind picked. The question is a tactic get the trolls to voting yes. Findings copied and pasted
  3. Thank you for the reply that help me with my findings, yet there one issue with that post. there was a 14 yo that introduce a ban to a player. This is the proof of one of the findings. with respects for you I can understand that your no longer a team member to truckersmp but this came from a user that . Can't be anymore clear then that. So this must mean the the person applying is lieing for the requirements. Also take a look at the top of the picture, I Quote "If an admin or mod ever try to use the words (YOU MUST RESPECT SCS STAFF ALL TIME)" word to word. Look at the rule section 5.2, I Quote "Please note that the creators of the TruckersMP mod are not linked to SCS in any way shape, or form." The last section to the rule does add more questions. The word exempted what does that intell? Does it mean to exempted from the rules or exempted from the rules if there unwell? "if deemed necessary for their duties." could you confirm what this full mean? findings copied and pasted
  4. The user has been allowed to reply for sometime with no replay mean I WAS RIGHT. This also mean that the forerunner needs to address this and a age 18+ only admins and moderators are a MUST to ensure everyone is respected, If we look at EA They have a special team that looks at every report before it decided to kick or ban and for how long. This includs Moderators, Admins TO Players at all times. under 18 yo should NOT be running a server if their uncapable of following the rules and respecting those in-game. To say that this is not respectable to the TruckersMP would not be correct as I have respected on all replys by former team members and Game Moderator and LIKED their comments on ALL times. Also I have piled Evidence that prove my finding so I can't not be banned for finding the truth. Copied and pasted
  5. I also looked at this rule on many occasions, and notice some thing. With the following: §2 - Game only rules "Traffic laws and road signage must be obeyed. This means European road laws and signage must be followed in ETS2 and American road laws and signage must be followed in ATS. Failure to adhere to the respective road laws and signage could result in a punishment." Does this mean that section 2, of the TruckerMP rules and guildlines applys to moderators, admins and players? If so, that means the moderators, admins and players are equl to all the rules in-game and for TruckersMP Team can't use the power they been given to ban if they feel like making that the situations was something more then it is. Basically let say, If you went into another driver from behind by accident and in chat the person said sorry to the other drive and verything was settled there and then. Yet, the moderator or admin would make a ban and say "the driver infront brake checked the driver behind you been banned for 2 days". Yet, the appeal would be put in place and the email of appeal is nice to read and is asking for help. The moderator or admin say "You must be more respectful towards admins" the appealer email was respectful towards admins. The power would be used incorrectly and would be look into professionaly, Just because the moderator or admin didn't know the rule. Am I right to believe so that would be the case?
  6. And this is where the a certain majority on TruckersMP users have no clue about the game or don't really know what their doing, I agree. We have trolls in the game that are making ets2 not fun. I have seen one server and I couldn't even believe what I was seeing. One being the ets2 pro server and It just an cluster punk. I just started to understand the road laws and haven't been banned. With the situation that happened, users that did the emergency brake was doing this safely, which has a driving licence, and made sure they performed the remover safely. Yet, this was made as brake checking (he wasn't infront of anyone) or drag racing (basically racing on the streets), which never happened and had a two day ban. This is where Sysgen that the understanding of the rule aren't clear, and referred to players and admin. Yet the question is clear for those who understand the road law. So the question is if it clear to everyone and not a single person.
  7. I'm saying the rules aren't clear to players and admin. Sorry for confusing you. About my dad, he doesn't play games in general. This happened to someone else. Again, sorry for confusing you. (Good vibes)
  8. Hey there, I've heard from from many users that some of the rules in-game have been over reacted and when the situation was explained to my dad he felt the rule was far, but not used as it intended purpose. The question to the thread was to find out if the rule when playing ATS and ets2, are clear to players and admins. §2 - Game only rules Traffic laws and road signage must be obeyed. This means European road laws and signage must be followed in ETS2 and American road laws and signage must be followed in ATS. Failure to adhere to the respective road laws and signage could result in a punishment.
  9. Suggestion Name: Update on ets2map.com Suggestion Description: The current map is at this time out of date as the map is only showing Europe and the UK. The multiplayer DLCs on steam, which shows we are able to download Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, going east, viva la France and Scandinavia dlc. The suggestion is to make it clear ans show all of the maps told in the DLC list. Any example images: Before After (with the layout of ets2map.com in the gray and black and in the location of the DLCs are) Why should it be added?: The reason this needs to be added as this would be a good tool to use by Virtual Trucking Companies, to monitor their members and be able to give them a route that can avoid the traffic in the game. But this need to be looked at as a road map then a site mod to be able to do that. The other thing that would help to track the members is the ID, but as the ID on the site for the game doesn't match, this is making the ID not unique. This would need to be looked into as well for this to work, as the ID is not a unique ID. The best examples of this unique ID being used is Need for speed rivals app, which shows you a very good idea where the player is, and has no lagging issues. Not easy I know, but not impossible. Hope this has helped in any way and I hope I've helped you as best I can.
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