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  1. Discord or TeamSpeak always, CB radio may be useful for events but that's about it - easy to be trolled on it as it's publicly accessible
  2. Do you have high ping to other services? Try pinging googles DNS in command prompt and provide your results - Open start menu and type 'cmd' and hit enter - the command prompt window will open In this dialog, type 'ping' and hit enter Screenshot the results when the responses are complete This may help moderators determine if it's your internet or another issue.
  3. Anyone know why my winter mod isn't working? No snow anywhere and I did download it through the launcher with the provided option

    1. Merengue4ever


      when you lunch the game go to Luncher settings - Mods and check that option



  4. Press Tab and go to the settings, I believe you need to find 'graphical settings' and then disable seasonal effects. Hope this helps
  5. Codecademy is pretty good for the basics and fundamentals, but the best way to learn to by doing. Set yourself a project and get it done, research different things and how to do things as you do it. That's the only way I could ever learn, so it may be easier if you find the 'read and study' method difficult.
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