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  1. Convoy mode has no speed limit, I like to drive fast because the feeling of speed on the ETS2/ATS is very little, around 140/150Km/h we are at a nice speed
  2. i'm playing convoy with my friend and we like to driving to fast, that's why i want to create a monster hybrid truck to beat his devil's Scania, i will use savedit, and i have some questions i made 172km/h with this config in the new DAF 2021 Chassis: DAF 2021, 4x2 Engine: 730HP Scania - /def/vehicle/truck/scania.s_2016/engine/dc16_730.sii Transmission: ZF12tx2611 Old DAF Transmission - /def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf_euro6/transmission/zf_12tx2611to.sii Thanks
  3. Have Problem use Paint of Renault in the mercedes ? I Have used Ultimate MP Truck
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