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  1. A skoda is for me a game changer, sometimes there are good drivers in there but sometimes idiotic ppl. I like the skoda but the handeling sucks. I drive with a g29 steering wheel and it doesnt drive as great as a truck. Idk if its just me or if some people have the same thing.
  2. I would love to have the iveco s-way in the game, it became one of my fav truck when i first saw it. Some people say it looks like a scania but every future truck is gonna look like that s-way or a scania s, With the iveco np and xp idk, i dont rly like them tbh. rather just have the normal iveco hi-way.
  3. The bright lights are irl only used for when its really dark and when there is none near you. If there's someone near you and its dark its best to turn ur normal headlights on. When the sun is up just turn them off.
  4. In my eyes, cars are used for admins and idiots and some people that want to RP. The admin cars are good for like the Real Opperation event that comes to TMP in the year or helping with convoy's. The car where idiots drive are mostely cars that stand out alot like really bright blue or hot pink. The cars that people drive when they want to rp or mostely a standard color u see daily. They will not wreck or if they do they will say sorry.
  5. In the 1.36 update i'd hope the Renault Range T is comming out and maybe that they add car transporters for truck only. Maybe adding bulk trailers as ownable would be a nice idea to.
  6. If you have a jumping or flying double trailer, its best to do f7, or if you get another reason to get it to the ground you can do that. F7 is the only option ik rn. I hope this helped you out, stay safe on the road!
  7. If you are in Duisburg and there's mutch traffic, i'd suggest u play a game on ur phone or something and when the people move, get back to driving. For the rest in duisburg there's not rly mutch to do. Hope this helped you, stay safe on the road!
  8. Italy is really worth buying, great city's and if you like city and landscape driving, the Italy DLC is the place for you!
  9. If you want a truck thats good for the show, i'd suggest you get a scania or a DAF, If you want a truck that excelarates fast, you gotta be at scania or volvo, and if you want a crappy truck, i'd suggest a Renault Magnum. It hangs off what you're style is. But the top 3 suggestion for you from me are DAF, scania and volvo. Hopefully this helped you out. Stay safe on the road!
  10. I've had the same problem mutiple times as a player that has been on TMP for 2 years or so. The best thing next time to record and make a report on the TMP website. Cause if you do not have evidence and you get banned because the person that cut u off is nowhere in sight, i've been banned before because of that reason. If i where you i would record from now on. Its the best thing to do. I hope this helped you out a bit and stay safe on the road!
  11. The 2 trucks i use the most for heavy cargo are to Volvo 8x4 and the Scania Streamline 8x4.
  12. Hello, Sometimes i see the SCS on the road container trailer driving around, and ik that i need to save edit it, but idk how to save edit it. If anyone could guide me, pls leave it down below or message me on discord: @ToxicCharger#8967. Already thank you if you could help me.
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