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  1. Finally! the wait was long for all the updates from SCS and TMP.
  2. Good luck to everyone! Here's a picture with my mates from the vtc I'm in. https://prnt.sc/kc474s
  3. Now that would be fair, either perma ban him like everyone or unban everyone who did the same as him. but definitely not people who used it to ruin gameplay on the D-C road.
  4. Sorry don't know who's in control over that channel.
  5. Talk to the TMP Staff, go see anyone banned for using NCZ 'glitch' as you call it, you will see the following: Issued by TMP Staff Reason : Hacking https://youtube.com so no, it's a ack. Oh would you look at that, even if it's really "He expoited a glitch" still, perma ban.
  6. I can't respect it if it doesn't make any sense to me. What makes sense to me is hack=perma ban. Also being in the company that has some TMP Staff kind of changes your POV. so maybe you're in our shoes, but you're wearing luxury shoes that blind you from the truth.
  7. The Community is upset because it's not fair that sometimes we get banned for even the smallest things, while Quad gets treated differently even though there's a strong solid proof of him doing a perma-ban rule-breaking.. That's unfair, and nobody likes it when it's unfair. You'd understand more if you were standing in our shoes.
  8. You wrote too much but still haven't answered: Why was he unbanned? What details did you consider to unban him?
  9. that's because other servers are dead and have low server capacity
  10. so we're not getting trailer fix? :| that's bad, what about people that work for companies and use loggers? we face a lot of kids and trolls on the servers. we can't have damage on a lot of trailers.
  11. Joined late and started moving late with my company. But it was actually fun and the admins were really nice. thanks everyone, give us more of that please
  12. this is a really good topic. Really helpful. Thank you.
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