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  1. So basically, since the Server updates to two Simulation and one arcade, nothing has really changed. I still for the life of me cannot understand why the Simulation servers are non-collision because mature sensible drivers will not cause accidents or troll anyway. Kids from the arcade servers where there is non-collision don't stay there because to them, where is the fun in that? Where is the fun in not being able to bash and collide with people if you can just go straight through them? So they come over to mature simulation servers. Nothing has changed.
  2. So that's why people are always crashing into me, typing chat instead of keeping their eyes on the road.
  3. I know what you mean. I'm very disheartened with TruckersMP. I rarely go on it because of the trolls. I'm 58 years old for goodness sake. I have grown up kids of my own so the last thing I want when playing a nice relaxing game is to be rammed by a bunch of immature infants. I don't think it will ever be a nice place to be for those of us mature drivers who want to drive a big heavy truck properly and too the rules of the road. I get tired of hearing about how we can report these trolls but honestly, life is too short. You can end up reporting somebody on every session you play. Who wants or needs that? The only way this Server would ever be truly great is to make it a subscription service in real money. Monthly, six monthly or yearly. Trolling will get you banned without refund. That would really sort the boys from the men.
  4. Horn Spam is done by the kids.
  5. Nope, why should I?? I'm not here to entertain people! Many of them don't just give a short simple honk either, they go really nuts by spamming the H button! I got no time for any of that!
  6. I remember reading about the new Server structure on the Steam Activity page and even then people were saying that not allowing collisions on the Arcade servers was just ridiculous and I made a comment about that in agreement. So this means the trolls come to Simulation Servers and even though there is a speed limit, they come just to deliberately crash into us. Who on earth within the TruckersMP Towers thought that was a good idea is beyond me! Questions is, is this going to change?? Will collisions be allowed on the arcade servers so that we can be left alone in peace?? Ok, We still might get the odd few trolls here and there but for the love of Mike, please give the trollers what they want and that is an arcade server that allows them to have collisions. Come to think of it, if there's No Collisions on Arcade servers, then maybe I should drive on those properly where at least I cant get my truck damaged!!
  7. Oh crikey,..yeah,..people constantly honking their horn at you. I never bother with any of that. The only time I'll honk someone or flash my lights as a token of appreciation is when they've done me a favour and Given Way at a junction which is very rare I might add as nobody Gives Way in multiplayer.
  8. I'm sorry, call me old fashioned or whatever but I just cannot bring myself to do it, run red lights that is. I just can't. It doesn't seem right. Even if it's dead quite I still stop. It's natural to me. People go past me at Reds whilst I'm stopped and I'm sure they're thinking, what the heck dude. Lol.
  9. For those of you that wish to drive unrealistically fast in a truck then go and do it on the arcade servers and please leave us more mature drivers that like to take our driving more seriously to the other. Because of the trolling in the past from the immature people that like to cause utter mayhem to decent drivers it made me stop using TruckersMP. I never came back for many many months, just playing ETS/ATS in Single player. Now I'm going to try out the new updated system with it's new rules and unless it's been significantly improved for mature drivers then I'll be off it again. There are hundreds like me that are scared to come on these servers!!
  10. Ok, cool,..thank you for quick reply.
  11. Does TruckersMP work with addon maps like Promods and Rusmap or only SCS DLC?? Thanks.
  12. I'm trying to install the TruckersMP Mod. I've downloaded the latest installer. It says to enter the path of ATS, but I don't have ATS installed. I uncheck ATS and just put a check in the ETS box but I can't get past the ATS bit. It nags me to install an ATS path first but I don't have one because it's not installed, so the Mod will not let me proceed to install the ETS part. So what do I do please? SOLVED: Simply closed the installation and restarted.
  13. I didn't quite understand the VPN bit of your reply so didn't do that but did the following........ I've just now ran the launcher again as Administrator and downloaded those ATS/ETS files. Closed the launcher and then re-opened. All seems ok now. Hopefully.
  14. Every time I open the launcher to play ETS2MP, I'm asked to download a couple of updates for ETS/ATS. Two .dll files. Thing is,..when I've finished playing and close ETS and Steam and say re-open the launcher to start another session, the launcher will go through the same thing with the updates. This has happened three times now throughout the day. I noticed that my ETS2 is version Has this got something to do with i? This is what's displayed on the launcher. Installed Updater Version Current Updater Version Supported ATS Version Supported ETS Version (Current Patch) Version
  15. Ok,..got it. Thanks very much.
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