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  1. Hi, I think, this new system have big problem, too. Who want play realistic simultation now have two servers (and in evening both are full of players) and he is finally satisfied. That is great. Who want raceing and make foolishness now have arcade servers and he is satisfied too (but this type of people are rare). Trolls and rammers will be in TMP forever and thay dont care about this changes. And if someone saying, that every player who want play different than real-simultation-players is troll and rammer, he is rudely lies. It is so selfish. Is big group of players who can drive as simultation players too, but they dont like it because this is game and no real life. They want drive with more speed on empty roads (60-70% of map is empty DLC). So, now is problem that big group of this people havent any server. Most of them join Sim1 of course, because they are the same enthusiasts as strict-simultation players, they like game and they want have more people around and ride with simlutation, because isnt any other choice now. But they miss as I wrote. I think, that if this situation will be permanent, it will cause split comunnity into two groups and they will hate each other. And this is very bad for whole spirit of game. I think, that add colision on one of arcade server is the best idea. As more people here mentioned, this arcade server can be without support from TMP staff. If someone mind about crashes, he can go to second arcade without colisions. This is small change, but it will solve this huge problem. Simultation players still will have two servers, and one still will be full. And others will have choice between Arcade with and without colisions. And staf TMP will not have more work. So everyone will be happy (except people who dont wont happines to all and they are selfish). Yoo-Ri
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