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  1. There's no such file in that directory. When I got the crash the error was something like 'Cannot create temp crash log file'.
  2. I launched TruckersMP in the morning and played like normal with no problems whatsoever. But now when I try to start playing the game crashes either after several seconds of being in the in-game world (after the second loading screen) or as the second loading screen shows up. By the way the crash doesn't happen in singleplayer.
  3. So the warning is It has a mistake: you cannot place will after if. So the correct one will be
  4. Alright, I've ended up with using VPN, now it works fine!
  5. It has redownloaded the files again and the problem still occurs.
  6. There are no .dll files in that folder.
  7. I can't really use VPN because it's forbidden on Steam.
  8. I've already tried everything except reinstalling ETS2 (I can't affort that), nothing helped.
  9. I want to play the latest version of this game in MP, but when I try to download the update, it hangs on this file and then just cancels all progress.
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