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  1. Should SCS make an Australian Truck game ?

    Why not ? Is new scenery...
  2. [SCS Blog] Oregon: Scenic road 101

    The scenery is look amazing.
  3. On Which road do you drive often?

    Duisburg -Calais
  4. 110km/h ?

    In my opinion EuroTruck is becoming more realistic and I like this.
  5. ETS2 & ATS - Dyskusja

    Jeżeli chodzi o serwer z Promodsem to nie ukrywam że było by to naprawdę ciekawe i napewno by to zachwyciło wiele osób
  6. What dlcs do you have ?

    I have all DLC maps and DAF tuning Pack and mighty Griffin pack and cabin accessories and High Power Cargo DLC and Heavy Cargo DLC
  7. Pressing "/" should open chat with "/" already typed in

    +1 I think it is good idea. This is my opinion
  8. Released

    It is Time car and caravan
  9. Call of the wild

    +1 Good Job
  10. ETS2 & ATS - Dyskusja

    W Paryżu też Łapie na autostradzie miasto także...
  11. Released

    Thanks for this update.
  12. [SCS Blog] KRONE trailers coming to Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Look amazing. Can not wait