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  1. Another tip, sort by cargo weight up/down (idk which) and that would give you an entire page of caravans just ready for a skoda in front of them
  2. However, when i use my old email, it still works
  3. I changed the email for my TruckersMP account and I saw 'changes saved' when I did and then when i log in using the game, it says 'invalid password or email'
  4. You could disable it, and with just a key press, no fiddling around in the tab menu or something
  5. Suggestion Name: Speedometer on other players Suggestion Description:You press the letter, g, and you could see the speed of other players on their nametags Why It should be added: It could help people who are trying to overtake It could help to see who is going really fast (and therefore who you should be wary of) Sorry if my wording is bad or if this has already been discussed and rejected
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