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  1. I have completed Tier 1 and now on Tier 2 of the Winter Event. I checked to see if I received my Items. I did not. So do I get them when the Event is over or after I complete a tier?
  2. My ATS single player is not updating like it should to the newest version released this morning at 9AM. Any help would greatly be appreciated
  3. Neon Farts


    Has the update for ATSMP been released yet?
  4. Okay thanks. Yah I do need a better laptop. I have the HP stream 11
  5. @ScaniaDriver2014 What are some other ways I can increase FPS because reducing my Graphics did nothing but add 2 more frames.
  6. Neon Farts


    Is there a way to reduce traffic because I don't have the best Laptop and it takes a few frames and drops is to 10 - FPS.
  7. Neon Farts


    Has the new update been released yet?
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