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  1. With much of a regret I announce that TruckersMP Helper project has been closed. This project wasn't just a big push for me to learn programming, backend/frontend building experience, but also a great CV for TruckersMP, where I help to make great things for over than a year now! Sadly, Helper didn't had much audience in this form, and I don't see any reason to support it. Thanks for all of you for those great 6 years. Source code of this project has been published for educational purposes on my GitHub: https://github.com/cjmaxik/helper.mp С большим сожалением я сообщаю о закрытии проекта TruckersMP Helper. Данный проект стал для меня не только большим стимулом к изучению программирования, опытом в работе с бекэндом и фронтендом, но и моим резюме для TruckersMP, в котором я уже больше года помогаю делать потрясающие штуки! Увы, Helper оказался никому не нужен в данном виде, и я больше не вижу смысла его поддерживать. Спасибо всем пользователям за эти чудесные 6 лет. Исходный код проекта выложен в открытый доступ в образовательных целях на моем GitHub: https://github.com/cjmaxik/helper.mp
  2. If you really want to support charity, you can do that right away. I don't see any reason to do that via third party.
  3. Use F7 for that instances, it is a built-in feature.
  4. We do have plans to do so, but there is no ETA sadly.
  5. Can you explain your suggestion more? We don't block any certain countries or languages.
  6. Offline time stops when you close the game. Online time never stops.
  7. We do have a plans to do so, however, there are many technical difficulties to solve as well as money concerns.
  8. CJMAXiK

    ProMods server

    We have a system in place to kick players automatically when ping is too high or connection is unreliable. We don't tolerate racism on our services. We won't block countries or races on our services just for them being themselves.
  9. Ghost Mode is already in place in a certain situations. Usage of Ghost Mode in other situations will reduce simulation aspect of the game.
  10. CJMAXiK

    Speed limiter

    We don't have any plans to change speedlimiter since Road to Simulation plan is in place. 90 km/h limit is enforced by World of Trucks, 110 km/h is the limit enforced by TruckersMP.
  11. This content is copyrighted. We won't add it.
  12. I don't think this is the good idea as those rights can be easily abused. Only TruckersMP Staff enforce the Rules.
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