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  1. TruckersMP Steam Helper update, v22.8.6: Profile improvements: show if one game is not eligible when already registered with another one Games parsing improvements Added "Clear cache" in Options
  2. Hello, truckers! We are happy to present to you a long-awaited DARK theme for VTC.World client! This theme works for everything in the client, including a control panel pages. Current release is the first version of the theme - your feedback is appreciated and even required! Dark theme is only available in the client and only for Windows 10/11 See in action: https://imgur.com/cpYmR5y
  3. Я не являюсь сотрудником TruckersMP и, соответственно, над форумом не работаю.
  4. SCS Software doesn't have VR support in their release builds, only in a separate beta builds. TruckersMP cannot support more versions than one for each game.
  5. They have been told already that Linux port is not planned for now, many times.
  6. TruckersMP never said it will be cross-platform immediately. The game is completely different on Linux binary-wise, they will have to do the same thing (decompiling, porting, testing, bug fixing) again for each platform they support. ETS2 being native is a negative factor in that regard - TruckersMP should be native as well and support Linux native ecosystem in order for it to work. One cannot simply grab a Windows-native application and make it work against a Linux-native one without a hassle. Another factor is a cost vs. impact. Right now, Steam counts Linux user base as 1.12%, even less than macOS users. The real count for ETS2/ATS is unknown, but it is very rare to see a person playing these games not on Windows, in my experience. We can estimate it as max. 50 people based on 4.688 concurrent player peak last week. It is not viable for 4.640 users to wait at least twice as long for an MP to update, just because those 50 people want to play on Linux. Sounds kinda harsh, but that is a crude reality. And do not forget about a cost associated with it. Game Devs will have to learn how to decompile/develop against a Linux-native app, this will require a substantial amount of time. There are benefits of having a Linux port of TruckersMP, but they are minor compared to a number of issues which will be introduced with it. Maybe in the far future, when TruckersMP will reach a beta stage, it will be mature enough to spend the time on porting.
  7. Rest in cheese, my friend 😭



  8. You need to serve the server part online and use it as an endpoint for your HTML script part.
  9. This is because of CORS (browser security), you need to use a server part (PHP, Node.js or other) OR any services that can bypass CORS.
  10. All of these bullet points have nothing to do with TruckersMP. You have to ask SCS Software to add it directly into the game, because more changes for the core game stuff = more issues when updating MP to the new version. It would be a bigger problem if there was an issue on a server side of things - pretty much everyone would be suffering. Since it is not a case, I suspect this is a problem on your end.
  11. There are plenty of public API usage tutorials on Internet, I do not understand why we have to make the thing specifically for you?
  12. I don't think Windows 10 has a cogherent design system. It is a mix of old Win32 and new UWP stuff, also it is pretty much flat, so any flat theme will do.
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