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  1. Check TruckersMP settings, this UI pack does not add any new UI elements.
  2. Sorry, what do you mean by that? Please elaborate.
  3. It is nowhere to be found, unfortunately. Okay, I found the issue. When the installer executes, it looks like this: There is a Shortcut modal message below the splash screen. It turns out that the modal message does not stop the launcher from loading, leaving no time to interact with the modal. So, the modal is closing automatically whenever you interact with it or not.
  4. Congratulations on the release! It finally happened For some reason, the new launcher installer did not create any Desktop/Start Menu links, also leaving the old one intact. So I have to find a new one in AppData/Local.
  5. Hello! `/player` endpoint of TruckersMP API turns out to be disabled/filtered with Cloudflare. Other endpoints are working fine. Is it intentional? I can give a Ray ID via DM if needed.
  6. Happy Birthday CJ Legend🥳

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  10. Happy birthday! @CJMAXiK 🎂 🥳

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  13. Happy birthday CJ!

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