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  1. Well... TruckersMP is now compatible with the current ETS2 version! However, I'm still getting Timeout... Trying Again...
  2. Thank you both for assisting. Initially, I went and found a few windows updates and installed them. However, that did not fix the issue. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled TruckersMP using the process given above. Everything worked fine until I found an error saying that I was using an unsupported game version. After some searching, I found that this cannot be fixed until the developers get an update to TruckersMP out there. I suppose that I'll have to be patient for the time being. Then I'll go and see whether the Timeout... Trying Again... Message goes away. Thanks for the assistance so far!
  3. Hi! Recently, I have been unable to connect to the TruckersMP servers. (On both ATS and ETS2) On the login/server selection screen, I get a message in red text that states Timeout... Trying Again... I have spent the past few days researching this issue on this forum and elsewhere, and I have tried several suggested solutions, including: Flushing my DNS, resetting my router, rebooting my PC, reinstalling TruckersMP, opening ports on both my router and my firewall, allowing TruckersMP and the affiliated ports through my AV program, and using command prompt to reset various facets of my PC. (I am running on Windows 8.1, 64 bit, BTW) I'm not out to tell you how to do your jobs, but I will say that this error: Timeout... Trying Again... seems to be a recurring subject on these forum recently, and TruckersMP was running just fine a few months ago. Could it be that one of the more recent updates might be causing this issue? Anyway, if you could perhaps assist me in finding a solution, (Besides what I have already tried as stated above) I would be most grateful.
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