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  1. Can a Admin plz Close this , this has been addressed already and i have been busy the last few days to post ty everyone ,please no more posting on this as i ask for admin to Close
  2. I'm sry , should of read the rules more clearly
  3. 4 Days ago i had made out 3 reports against some people cause of their in-game actions and in-game sexual comments about my wife , and other comments about me and online bullying and being harassed for 1hr ,i have never had issues with anyone in this game ever b4 these 3 kids that have no respect for no one , i even told them I'm going to report them , they laughed at me , so after i made out my report , i seen that they have been banned b4 from TruckersMP , not only that , they also Use my name and my Sponsors name and i did contact them about , so from the time i had made my report not even been on the game one month and there starting already , i am a streamer ,I'm 47 yrs old and to be disrespected like this is unaccepted by Kids that don't care for other players , or care for TruckersMP rules , people like this Ruining it for other players , the good players ,i didn't want to stop me stream and i shouldn't stop me stream for people like this but to make sexual comments about my wife and slander my name then use my name and my sponsors name , where does it end , AND YES I HAVE THIS ALL ON VIDEO in my opinion that day ,they broke about 7 rules from §2.5 Ramming - §3.9 CB Abuse i love playing this game i mean how many times do i have to report these kids , am i wasting my time playing this game until the report get looked at until they get banned , I'm disable ,the only thing i get to do for fun is play on the PC , yes i have many games but i choose to play this one but to be harassed , i might have to go back to playing single player , its a shame cause i love to play with other people in truckersMP
  4. I'm sure their doing ATS Also , they can only do one at a time
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