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  1. I seen about 5-6, wondering if anyone seen any others just to see if I missed any. Was just thinking that they must have done more. Please mind that I didn't have enough time to do all of mainland Europe so I didn't manage to see them all.
  2. their website is fine, their download server just died, just too many people trying to download the mod. Hopefully they will resolve it, But hopefully they wont take it down
  3. How about you get limited to the speed limit your in (+10mph for overtakers). So the CD road, most parts are 37mph, they could be limited to 47mph to ensure there is still some simulation happening and not just speeding like barely no one does in real life.
  4. Great dlc and is required for some mods so I would recommend it. Not as many customisation as the standard trailers but it has a lot more detail.
  5. Traffic lights could do with a tweek at some places, alowing the busiest road to have some extra time. But at the same time you don't want to wait over 2 minutes for a light to go green either. Tbh some places should have the lights removed or even some kind of road change to acomediate with the high amounts of traffic.
  6. Hopefuly it does come out tomorow or even today, but only time will tell and i doubt a lot of people wish to wait.
  7. ATS has always been quieter than ETS2, but I only thought it may be due to the amount of trucks u can buy. The only other thing I can see is the distance between the town's/cities that may drive people away. Could there be a bigger issue than this?
  8. Only issue with the auto kick when your lights are off when you have an engine malfunction, your not just gonna stop to not get kicked as that is what you're intending us to do so we don't get kicked.
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